Monday, December 19, 2011


It is time to announce the winners of all the fantastic giveaways we had for our blogging event - Sew Crafty Christmas! Congratulations to ALL OF YOU!!! A huge THANK YOU also goes out to all the AMAZING SPONSORS and GUEST POSTERS!!!

I hope you learned something, sewed something, or were simply inspired to create!

Here are the giveaways and the winners! So Sew Giveaway - winner is twelve30

Underwood Illustration notecards giveaway - winner is Hueisei

Sew Adorable Too Boutique giveaway - winner is Natalie from Johnny in a Dress

Village Needler Giveaway - winner is Jen - Craftin Cowgirl Blog

Seamingly Smitten giveaway - winner is Deloris

PB3J boutique giveaway - winner is David

Byrdlegs Boutique - winner is Katrina

To the winners, you will be contacted soon by the shop/boutique's owner. I hope you enjoy your gift! Thanks for reading along and I hope you have a Sew Crafty Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!Jenny

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