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How to Sew a V Neck Tutorial for the Cowl Neck Poncho pdf sewing pattern

How to Sew a V Neckband Tutorial 

Last week we debuted this Women's Cowl Neck Hooded Poncho and our Girl's Cowl Neck Hooded Poncho sewing patterns! We even have them in a bundle HERE and you can save 40% with code PONCHOTOUR at checkout through 12/13.

Sometimes you may not want to wear a hood or a cowl neck, but instead make it a poncho that can have layers underneath! This V Neck Poncho tutorial is just what you are looking for on those days!

How to Sew a V Neckband

1. Cut a poncho back piece, then cut a poncho front piece and cut a 6 inch deep V on the front of your poncho. *I used 6 inches for mine and my daughter's buy you can go higher or lower here. 

2. Pin the front and back at the shoulders and sew the shoulders using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. 

3. Measure the neckline opening. I lay my measuring tape around it, take that number and multiply by .8 to get my neckline measurement. Here it is 21 inches x 0.8 = 16.8 so we can round up to 17. 

Cut a 2 inch tall by 17 inches wide neckband. You want the stretch going width wise, so the 17 inch side has the most stretch. 

4. Lay your neckband piece right sides together and find the center of the 2 inch side. Go over 1 inch onto your fabric and pin at this center mark. 

5. Sew from the top right corner to the pin, pivot and sew back down to the bottom right corner of your neckband. Cut out this sideways V shape. 

6. Fold the neckband down wrong sides together so you have a pretty V neckline on your neckband. Press with an iron. Baste the bottom left 3 inches and bottom right 3 inches of the v neckline using a 1/8 inch seam allowance to hold the neckband in place. 

6. Baste stitch the v neckline of your poncho. I baste stitch about 3 inches on either side of the v. 

7. Clip up to the V but not through it to give the V some ease. 

8. Match the neckband V to the poncho V. Pin at the center along your basting stitch. This is to hold the V in place.

9. Turn the left side of the neckband and lay it flat onto the V neckline, keeping the center V's steady. Place a few pins going about 3 or 4 inches along the left neckline to get the V neck started. 

Sew using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Pivot at the center V and continue with pinning and sewing the right side of the neckband to the right front neckline for about 3 or 4 inches. 

10. Flip neckband up and check out your center point. 

11. Pin the rest of the neckband evenly spaced throughout the rest of the neckline. Sew using a 3/8 inch seam allowance.

Sew the rest of the Women's Cowl Neck Poncho or Girl's Cowl Neck Poncho as stated in the pattern. Enjoy!!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Women's Poncho pattern PDF pattern

The Women's Poncho pattern PDF sewing pattern (XS-XXXL)

We just released 2 new patterns this week PLUS a Mommy and Me BUNDLE!! 

You can find the:
 Women's Catherine's Cowl Neck or Cowl Hood PONCHO pattern HERE
Girl's Catherine's Cowl Neck PONCHO pattern HERE
Mommy and Me Cowl Neck Poncho BUNDLE patterns HERE

It has been a HUGE week over here at Seamingly Smitten and there has been so much talk about our NEW Women's and Girl's Cowl Neck and Cowl Hood Poncho!! Have you seen all those gorgeous pattern tester photos? This was the largest pattern tester group we have ever had and these ladies ROCKED IT!! The Cowl Neck Poncho features curved or straight sides, a cowl neck or cowl neck hood, optional kangaroo pocket, three hem lengths (petite, regular or tall), armhole slits and curved or straight side slits that you can raise or lower! With so many options, you will want to make more than one!

Want to know how to style it?
Here are OVER 30 WAYS to wear your poncho on our PINTEREST Board HERE.

Catherine’s Cowl Neck Poncho can be made in a knit fabric such as sweater knit, fleece, French terry, flannel, sweatshirt fleece, jersey, double brushed poly or similar. Make it in your favorite winter colors such as black, grey, camel or even burgundy or eggplant! You will want one to go with everything in your closet! 

Cozy does it! You will want to wrap yourself up in this poncho every day! 

No buttons needed! There are actual armholes / armhole slits for your arms so you wear it just like a top!

*All sizes XS – XXXL (sizes 0-26) are included in this pattern. This pattern features photo  illustrations and tutorial style instructions to help you create your very own Cowl Neck Poncho. Full-sized, color-coded pattern pieces for the poncho, kangaroo pocket, cowl neck and cowl neck hood are included for all sizes. 

Use your favorite knit or sweater knit!

Petite and Regular size poncho widths are included, along with Petite, Regular and Tall hem lengths.

You can even use fleece for extra warmth.

Or make it in a waterproof material!

Use a lightweight sweater knit for cooler weather styles.

Or even a minky type fabric that you will love snuggling up in!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

How to add a Hoodie to a cardigan with FREE HOOD pattern pieces

How to add a Hood to a Cardigan with FREE Hood Pattern Pieces!
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Last week I hope you enjoyed our Claire Cardigan SEW ALONG! You can check out all the posts HERE if you missed it! One customer suggested it would be great if it had a hood, so guess what?? Today I am showing you how to add a hood and giving you the pattern pieces for free! Grab them HERE and grab the cardigan HERE

Use coupon SAVE40 at checkout to get 
40% off your entire purchase!

Here's mine! Let's get started!

1. Print your pattern piece. Cut out the size you need.

 2.  Cut out 4 hood pattern pieces:
Cut out 2 hood pieces for your outer hood (one is a mirror image of the other – just flip over the pattern piece). Cut out 2 hood pieces for your hood lining (one is a mirror image of the other – just flip over the pattern piece). You have 4 hood pieces in all.

 3. Assemble the hood. Lay your two outer hood pieces right sides together and pin from the top edge of the hood down to the bottom edge of the hood along the curved edge only. Repeat with your two inner hood lining pieces. Sew along your pinned edges using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

4. Place the hoods right sides together, matching the center seams. Pin along the
hood opening only. Sew around the hood opening using a 3/8 inch seam allowance.

5. Turn hood right side out and push lining into the main hood. Topstitch around the hood opening using a 1/8 inch seam allowance to secure the lining to the main fabric.

 6. Using your longest stitch, baste around the bottom edge/neckline of the hood to hold the two  fabrics in place using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

7. *Lay your cardigan right side up and lay your hood right side down, centered, matching raw
edges of the hood to the neckline. Pin in place. Sew along the hood using a 3/8  inch seam allowance.
8. Serge or zig-zag stitch seam allowance to reduce bulk. Trim threads. 
Press seam to the inside and down. 

9. Hem sides and bottom of cardigan as PATTERN instructions say. 

Wear it and enjoy it!! Come post a pic on our facebook page or tag us on instagram #seaminglysmitten #clairecardigan

Happy Sewing!!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Claire Cardigan Sewing Pattern Day 5

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Claire Cardigan Sew Along Day 5

Welcome to our Claire Cardigan Sew Along!! (PATTERN HERE!) Use coupon: SAVE40 at checkout to save 40% OFF your entire purchase! 

Today is Day 5 and it is time to start sharing!! Come join our FACEBOOK GROUP HERE and share a picture of yourself wearing your Claire Cardigan sewing pattern or share it on instagram #seaminglysmitten and #clairecardigan   Next Friday I am choosing 3 WINNERS for some fabulous PRIZES!!

Want to see what I made?? Here is mine in a hacci sweater from Girl Charlee Fabrics, long length, side slit and pockets! I don't think I will take it off all Fall!

Day 1 Choose your fabric CLICK HERE
Day 2 Cut your fabric CLICK HERE
Day 3 Pin and Sew CLICK HERE

Love a video? Come watch me sew on you tube! 

Day 5 Share a pic to WIN a prize!! Find all our prizes HERE


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