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TUTORIAL: Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments - Guest Poster - Rebecca from Klar Family Blog

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Today's Guest Poster is Rebecca who happens to be one of my best (and craftiest) friends! Rebecca just started sewing - literally about 2 months ago - and she hasn't stopped since! Every time I walk into her house there is a new project cut and ready to sew or a new outfit on her children (sibling outfits that coordinate). She's amazing! She has made her curtains, a valance, monogrammed pillows, linens, handtowels, appliqued clothing and t-shirts and even sewed herself The Women's Ruffle Collared Cape. It was her first sewing project for herseIf! Can you believe it? 

I know crafty and creative when I see it and Rebecca is definitely top-notch! Wait until you see what she made for you today!

Take it away, Rebecca...

Well, hi everyone!  I'm Rebecca  from The Klar Family
blog.  I'll go ahead and confess, because it will
be glaringly obvious soon enough -- I don't have a
sewing blog ... and I've never even done an online sewing
tutorial.  Let's just say I'm a beginner :)  BUT, I've
always been interested in all things crafty and I recently
started sewing. 

I'm lucky enough to have Jenny as a sweet friend and neighbor who has
been encouraging me along the way as I learn to sew.  (She
literally taught me what a bobbin is and how to change it.  And
she met me on the sidewalk with her button jar when I made the first
dress for my baby girl.  I was so surprised by my dress success
that I hadn't planned ahead by buying buttons and I didn't want to
wait to run to the store!)

I'm always amazed by the creative things Jenny whips
together, and of course, I was just thrilled to
when she asked if I'd do a post for her Sew
Crafty Christmas!!  So, here we go~

Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments

There's just something about a monogram that reminds me of traditional
elegance.  I love to give monogrammed items as a gift, because I
think they add a thoughtful personalized touch. 

Wouldn't these look pretty tied to the top of a present??

Time to get crafty! 

Before you start, gather up fabric scraps and trims.  Your scraps
should be about 5" x 5", depending on your preferred ornament
shape.  You'll also need ribbon to use as ornament hangers and
any tassels or trim you have from leftover projects.

Step 1: Monogram a fabric scrap for the front of your ornament.

If you don't have a monogramming machine -- no problem!  You can
applique letters or a design onto your fabric scrap with double stick
fusible web.  I recommend Steam-a-Seam 2.  Just follow the
instructions on the package, and voila!  Your own applique! 

Step 2: Cut out the front and back of your ornament to the same
size.  I did simple squares, rectangles, diamonds, and circles,
but I suppose you could get fancy and do any shape you
like.  Go for it!

Step 3:  Pin your trim in place.

To do this, you place the top piece of fabric right side up and
arrange your trim on the ornament, facing
.  This way, your trim will hang down
after you sew the edges and turn it right sides out.  You have to
think ahead...

Next, place the other piece of fabric on top, and pin the trim in
place.  Make sure everything is pinned right sides
  This will make a fabric sandwich, with the
trim in the middle. 

Step 4: Time to sew!  Sew along your pinned edge, using the
presser foot as your guide.  Make sure you leave a 2"
unstitched opening to turn your ornament right side out.

Step 5: Use the opening to turn your ornament right side out. 

If you want to go for a precise look, this is the time to use a
wooden tool or chopstick to gently poke the corners of your
squares or diamond shapes from the inside so they are nice and
pointy.  If you prefer a softer look, you can skip this.

Now, stuff your ornament with poly-fil and get ready to stitch closed!

Step 6: Carefully turn down the edges of the unstitched opening and
pin closed.  Sew the opening closed by hand or with your sewing
machine.  If you use your sewing machine, you may chose to top
stitch all the way around the perimeter of your ornament to give it a
more uniform look.  I didn't do that this time, but I think it
would look nice.

Step 7: Hang your ornaments on the tree and admire your work!

Doesn't it make you feel all merry and bright~

Happy Holidays!!
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