Friday, December 30, 2011

How to recover a chair - TUTORIAL and a WINNER

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Chair Makeover
Recovering a dining room chair can be easy! I've had these two black chairs for about 8 years and they've been covered in this red toile fabric. These chairs have moved around in our house since I love their shape, they aren't too wide or deep and I think the black really makes them stand out against the wall. They have been in our kitchen at the table, on either side of a china hutch, in our den on either side of a console table against the wall and now sit in our foyer/entryway. The red toile fabric just didn't have enough pop to go with the furniture, rug and art, so it was time for a change.

Tutorial:  Recovering a chair cushion
BEFORE picture

 AFTER picture

1. Gather supplies:
*7/8 yard fabric (home decor fabric, 60 inches wide) will recover 2 chair seats
*staple gun
*screwdriver (if you have an electric one, time to use it!)
*batting or poly-fill (batting is what you are supposed to use but I didn't have any)

2. Turn the chair on it's side. There are 4 screws holding on the seat - unscrew them.

3. Lay your seats on the fabric. Think about what part of the fabric design you want in the center of the seat. Cut up the middle of the two seats so you have two pieces of fabric.

*Cut a few layers of batting the shape of the top of the seat.
Lay it down on the fabric, then place the cushion on top.
(I skipped the batting and used poly-fill a few steps will see it below.)

4. Pull up the bottom and staple. Pull up the corners and staple.
Repeat for 3 sides only. **Leave one side open!

5. I left one side open so I could stuff it full of poly-fill. Make sure you get all the corners and crevices. 
(*I used poly-fill because I had it on hand...use batting if you have it.) 

6. Flip it over and check out your work!

7. Repeat for the other cushion.

8. Screw the seats back on the chairs.

Enjoy the new look!
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