Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tutorial: How to sew a child's apron

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Sew and Tell....It's a Dollar Store Craft!

Last week my sister and I were browsing a craft market and saw a lady selling potholder aprons. She made them using Christmas dishtowels and Christmas potholders and was selling them for $10 each. Immediately my sewing brain kicked in and I thought...I can make it for $1!
So, here it is...enjoy!

Potholder Apron Tutorial

What's the secret to some good cooking?
Cute aprons of course!

1. Gather supplies. (These supplies will make you 2 aprons!)

dollar store items: package of potholders (came in a set of 2), package of dishtowels (came in a set of 2)
ribbons, trims, fabric for a ruffle (all optional)

2. Cut dishtowel in half widthwise.

3. Cut a strip of fabric 6 inches x 44 inches (or shorter depending on how ruffled you like it)

4. Iron your ruffle in half with raw edges and right side facing up.

5. Gather and pin your ruffle. I just do this by pinning the left end, the right end and the middle. Then I continue finding and pinning the middle of each section.

6. Sew on using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

7. Fold ruffle down and press with an iron.

8. Use a decorative stitch or a straight stitch and topstitch. This holds your ruffle in place.
I chose stitch #16...see below.

9. Lay out your top ribbon and leave 12 inches hanging off each end and pin.
10. Lay out your other ribbon and leave one inch hanging off the end and pin.
11. Sew on your ribbons. Fold back the edges of your ribbon that had one inch hanging over the end to give it a tidy look. Leave the 12 inches on either side since these will be your straps.

12. Cut out a scrap to be your applique. My fabric had a cupcake on it so there wasn't any tedious cutting of different colors of fabric.

13. Sew around your shape using a zig-zag stitch.

14. Cut a piece of ribbon 24 inches long and loop through the potholder loop. Tie a knot to secure.

Try it on your little girl or give it as a gift!

This cupcake cutie is having a ball!

My little boy had to join in the fun wearing his crab apron (and Woody hat, of course!).

Cooking together in their new playhouse. Sweet memories!! Gosh, I wish they didn't grow so quickly!!

Why is it that spatulas are amazingly fun to kids??

Reaching for the stars and ready to cook!

I hope you all think about making an apron next time you see a potholder!

Enjoy and Happy Sewing!
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