Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tutorial: How to sew a CLUTCH!...or WIN IT!

Have you been thinking about New Year's Eve yet and what you are going to wear? This year don't worry about your accessories, make yourself a CLUTCH! (Don't be scared...it only takes 20 minutes!)

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The Party Girl Clutch

Materials needed:

2 different fabrics ( each 16 inches long x 11 inches wide)
an inch of velcro
material to embellish

1. Cut your main fabric piece to 16 in x 11 in
Cut your lining piece to 16 in x 11 in

(You can add medium weight interfacing at this point. Iron it on the WRONG side of one of your fabrics then continue with step 2. I used a denim fabric as the lining so I chose not to for this clutch.)

2. Place your pieces right sides together. Pin around all four sides.
3. Starting at one short side, sew all the way around your clutch but STOPPING 5 inches before your starting point. This is how you will turn it right side out and you will close the hole later.

4. Turn the piece right side out.

5. Press with an iron. Fold in the hole that was used for turning, press with an iron and pin. 

6. Sew along the entire side that had the hole using a 1/8 inch seam allowance (or as close to the edge as possible).

7. Lay your clutch right side down with the bottom being the side you just sewed.
Fold up the bottom 6 inches and pin along the left and right sides.

8. Sew up one side, across the top and down the opposite side. Do not sew along the bottom.

9. Attach a piece of velcro (remove the paper backing and stick on your clutch).

10. Sew on your velcro. (You can sew around all 4 edges.)

11. Embellish.

You're done!!
Wear it out and show it off!

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Happy New Year!
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