Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Sewing Room!

For Christmas my amazing husband gave me a new sewing room! We had a bedroom in our house that was a study, but never used it. I'm usually in the kitchen or the playroom with the kids all day, so this was a wasted space. He knew that I usually sew at the kitchen table (and the mess drives him crazy) and I hadn't been sewing as much because it takes a long time to gather all the materials, move the sewing machine, bring out the iron and ironing board...etc. So for Christmas he said I could have the study redesigned into my own sewing room!

We had a decorator come and pick out the paint colors, draw the design on paper, pick out the curtain fabric and inspiration board fabric and shop for the baskets and bins. She even came back to put it all together for me. It is probably the best and most thoughtful Christmas gift ever!

For the curtains I found the fabric 50% off at Hancock Fabrics which was quite a bargain. I decided to make the curtains myself and I am so glad I did! It saved me so much money rather than having them custom-made and they are exactly what I wanted. I wanted a print, not a solid. I used the tutorial from this site: http://annasnest.com/article/how-to-make-lined-curtains If you make curtains, make sure to hang the rod first, account for the distance between the rod and the clip rings and then measure your final length. Mine came out a little long because I just measured from where we were going to put the rod! But I love how they puddle on the ground and are poufy.

I also bought a dress form! KOHL's had one, a Singer and it's red, which I love. I found the dress from I wanted, googled "Kohl's coupon codes" and found a 20 percent off coupon! And there was free shipping! We named the dress form Geanette and I like having her around. Now I just need to finish the project I started on her.

We had a pegboard installed above the desk to hold all my tools and thread. What a difference this has made!

I found this cutting table at a furniture store that has 2 leaves that can fold down and it's on wheels so I can move it around if I'm laying something large (like curtain panels) on the ground. It's a great height for me, too.

And on the wall behind the table is an inspiration board. I found a large empty frame, took it to the hardware store, they cut a scrap piece of wood for the inside, used batting and fabric and made a bulletin board. Next to it is going to be a tall mirror but I haven't found one yet.

I find myself in this room so much more often now and when I'm done sewing I just walk out the room and everything stays put. So much easier than hauling it in and out of the storage room!

Thank you, Patrick!!! I love how much you support my craftiness! I love you!