Saturday, September 29, 2012

Boy's Vest Sewing Pattern

Easy Boy's Vest Sewing Pattern
sizes 3 months - 10 years
*To enter the Mommy and Me Apron Set GIVEAWAY
Cargo Pocket VEST for Boys Sewing Pattern

This pattern has been so much fun to make! I have a son and I'm always looking for new COOL things to make him, so I designed the vest pattern. Here are some pictures from my pattern testers - what handsome little boys!

(Actual pattern tester photo) - Ready to play outdoors!

(Actual pattern tester photo- above) Pretty cool looking fellow!

Cargo Pockets
(Picture of my "Big Man") - Upper cargo pockets and zipper is optional, too! 


When he was a baby I sewed his rompers (john johns), appliqued shirts and matching shorts and appliqued onesies. Now that he's older I try to make him things that he would actually wear and not look like a "baby" in - you know, because he's four. :) To him, he's our "Big Man," so he wants to dress like it.
(actual pattern tester photo)
  I designed this vest sewing pattern with all those boys out there whose Mommy's still want to sew for them! The pattern features cargo pockets, flap pockets (buttons are optional) and a zipper closure (optional).

All levels of sewers will enjoy this pattern and there is NO HAND SEWING invovled! Did I hear a woohoo??! :) This easy boy's vest pattern is now in the pattern shop - along with boy's pants, boy's cargo shorts and now this boy's vest. I love sewing for my little boy and I hope you try sewing for yours, too!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mommy and Me Apron GIVEAWAY

WIN this Mommy and Me Apron Set!
(Before I just start wearing it myself....that's how pretty it is in person!! Just saying!)
Seamingly Smitten FAN GIVEAWAY!!
Mommy and Me Apron Set - win it!! See below!

Each day I am amazed and humbled by my customers! Seamingly Smitten has grown SO much in the past year and a half simply because of YOU! I will never forget the first pattern I created and submitted to You Can Make and it was approved for publishing. That feeling will never be forgotten! With such wonderful customers it is so easy to do what I do! From that 1 sewing pattern my collection of PDF sewing patterns has now grown to 17 sewing patterns and there's no end in sight. My list of ideas constantly grows as the seasons change, customers send their requests and styles change - but my love of sewing never waivers!

I love getting emails telling me that you have sewn the first clothing item for yourself EVER, or that you were able to sew something for a friend's baby shower and people raved over the dress you made with one of my patterns. This is what encourages me to keep working hard for you!

Seamingly Smitten is growing and isn't planning on stopping! I LOVE what I do and I love helping YOU LOVE SEWING!

Art Gallery Fabric shown
We are gearing up for our 1000 FAN GIVEAWAY on Facebook (We can get there! Right??) and I cannot wait to get closer to that goal! If you love Seamingly Smitten please spread the word so we can share some sewing love!!

I thought it would be fun to have a Seamingly Smitten

I personally sewed this Mommy and Me Apron Set and will GIVE IT to ONE lucky WINNER!! It would make an awesome gift for the holidays if you win it, or just keep it and wear it! It is SO PRETTY for a mother and daughter or grandmothers could wear it when they bake with their little grandaughters, too! I LOVE aprons and I LOVE my Seamingly Smitten FANS!!

Can't you see yourself cooking some pancakes in this with your little girlie?
Spatulas, bowls, flour and a measuring cup - I know my 3 yr old loves those things!
Isn't this fabric beautiful? It just makes me happy!

To WIN this apron please enter using RAFFLECOPTER below! Good luck!! Thanks for being a fan everyone! I hope you are Seamingly Smitten!!

*winner chosen October 4th.

To view our sewing pattern collection click here. (ETSY)

To view our patterns as instant downloads CLICK HERE.

The WINNER will be selected at random using Rafflecopter on Oct. 4th and winner's name will appear on this blog and on Facebook. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize or another winner will be selected. Your chance of winning is dependent on the number of entries received. GIVEAWAY is open to US and International Residents.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Women's Dress Sewing Pattern - PDF pattern

The Kate Dress for Women Sewing Pattern
PDF Sewing Pattern - Women's Dress
sizes 0-18 (XS-XL)

There have been plenty of Fall sewing projects around here! Last week I posted a Fall Dish Towel Tutorial and a Table Runner Tutorial (with treat pockets). There was also a guest poster, Agnes, who showed you how to make Girl's Legwarmers / Women's Legwarmers which is a fun and fast sewing project.

The latest dress pattern, The Kate Dress, is here! I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw my pattern tester's pictures of their dresses! As always, the testers had fabulous suggestions and comments that could only make this pattern better.


The Kate Dress was actually my named by one of my followers - Josclin. I was having a contest to name the dress and some of the ideas were spot on when it came to my style, personality and the dress' style. It is your classic shift dress that has a scooped neckline, but I added some inverted pleats on the neckline in the front and back to give it some visual interest. Pockets - don't be afraid of pockets! - are included with this dress because what woman doesn't love pockets? I made sure to work on the pocket placement carefully so no extra width was included around the hip area. They lay nice and flat.

This PDF sewing pattern can be worn with a sash or a belt that you already own. All of the pattern pieces are included and color-coded. The best thing about this easy sewing pattern for women is that you can save it to your computer and reprint it whenever you are feeling crafty! I was kind of addicted to sewing this dress and made THREE in three days - but who's counting, right? It was fun!! Sewing this dress only took two hours the first time and a little under 1 and a half hours the third time. I wasn't even in a rush - the point of sewing for me is to have fun, relax and make something that I will love wearing!


The Kate Dress sewing pattern for women comes in sizes 0-18. You can read more about it here.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Fashion TUTORIAL: Legwarmers

The Stori Book Blog photo HERE
Before I introduce my guest poster, Agnes, today, let's start with some inspiration photos to get you ready for FALL LEGWARMERS.
Will you try this fashion forward look this season?
Today I have a guest poster today, Agnes, of The Blog - Empress of Drac. She is going to show you how to make the HOTTEST accessory for fall - LEGWARMERS! Sure, it is a throwback to the 80's but they are all over magazine pages right now and something this hot is sure to keep you warm all season long! You can make them SOOOO easily...take it away, Agnes!

Easy Leg Warmer Sewing Tutorial

Sewing projects do not have to be complicated and difficult. There are plenty of simple ways to make some truly unique and creative accessories for fall. Within a couple of hours you can have something new to wear and show off! A great project for the fall is to make leg warmers from old sweaters. 
Look through your closet and see if there are any old sweaters lying around. Pick ones that have holes, no longer fit, or that you simply never wear. If you cannot find any, take a trip to the thrift store. Select some cheap sweaters and throw them in the wash as soon as you get home. Once you have your perfect sweater, it is time to sew!
The great thing about using a sweater is that most of the work is already done for you. If possible, use the sleeves to make the leg warmers. Simply cut the sleeves off up by the shoulder seam. If the sweater is too small, or if you do not like the fabric of the sleeves, you can use any other part of the sweater. Measure the desired length and cut through the front or back of the fabric.
If you have used the sleeves, your work is already almost done. All you need to do is turn in the raw edges. This will give you a nice clean edge as well as prevent the edges from fraying. Turn the sleeve inside out. Next, turn the raw edge of the fabric in by 1/4 of an inch. Sew the fabric in place, making small and even stitches.

Using a different section other than the sleeves is not a big deal. In addition to sewing the edges, you just need to sew up the sides. This will take extra time to do by hand, so you might want to use a sewing machine. Follow the same steps once you have the sides sewn together. 

You can add buttons, lace, patches, and other accessories as you please. The great thing about making things yourself is that you have creative freedom to really make things unique. Check out other patterns and get some ideas at the quilt pattern shoppe.

Thank you SO MUCH AGNES! I might have to make some for my little girl and maybe even try to make some for myself. I know I have some sweaters laying around in my closet that are ready for me to cut into!
Photo credits: Make It Crafty (

Monday, September 17, 2012

TUTORIAL: Fall Kitchen Dishtowel

Fall Kitchen Towel Sewing TUTORIAL
Crafting Time: 15 minutes
I also just posted a FALL TABLE RUNNER sewing tutorial. CLICK HERE to see it. The table runner and dishtowel make great housewarming gifts for friends or handmade holiday gifts. Monogram them, applique on them or leave them as is to show off some gorgeous fabric.

Kitchen Dishtowel Sewing Tutorial
Gather Materials:
7/8 yard main fabric for dishtowel
1/4 yard fabric for ruffle (or pleat)
pins, iron, sewing machine, ruler, scissors
1. Cut your main fabric to 29 inches long x 23 inches wide

2. Cut your ruffle fabric trim to 6 inches long x 44 inches wide

3. Lay main fabric right side up. Fold ruffle in half with wrong sides together, matching the long ends. Now your ruffle will measure 3 inches long x 44 inches wide. You will be looking at the right side (the pretty side) of the fabric. Press well with an iron.

4. To give this dishtowel a ruffle you can sew a basting stitch (your longest stitch length) down the raw edge of your ruffle strip using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Do not backstitch at the beginning or ending. Leave a tail of thread 6 inches long at the beginning and end of your ruffle strip. *TO RUFFLE the strip - grab the bobbin thread only and pull the fabric down along the bobbin thread. It will ruffle as you slide it down the thread. Continue until it is the width of your dishtowel

OR you can do it this way to more of a pleat:

Pin the left and right end of your ruffle strip to your main fabric on the bottom of your dishtowel fabric. The raw edges will be touching. The folded edge of your ruffle will be facing the top of your dishtowel.

5. Pin the middle of the ruffle strip to the middle of your dishtowel.

6. Keep finding the middle of your ruffle strip between two pins and pin it down. Repeat until you have gathered your ruffle strip evenly. I used 9 pins total which gives me more of a pleat. If you want more of a ruffle, just do one more pin between each of those 9 pins to give you 17 pins in all.

7. Sew along your ruffle strip / pinned edge using a 5/8 inch seam allowance. Remove pins as you sew. Serge or zig-zag stitch the raw edge.

8. Iron down your ruffle strip towards the bottom of your dishtowel, making sure the seam allowance is pressed up towards the top edge of your dishtowel.  PRETTY!!

9. Topstitch above the seam you just sewed using a 1/8 inch seam allowance to keep the ruffle in place and give it a nice, clean and professional finish.

9. Lay dishtowel right side down. Iron a 1 inch hem around the top and both sides of the dishtowel. Pin.

10. Sew around all three sides using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Remove pins as you sew.

11. Press with an iron.

12. Fold back the left and right sides each five inches. Press with an iron.

13. Hang on your oven handle or put next to your kitchen sink. SMILE WHEN YOU SEE IT!!

Or put it next to your kitchen sink to dry off your hands - this is completely washable and can even go in the dryer - so have fun using it!

Happy Fall Everyone!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cozy Hooded Cape sewing pattern NOW AVAILABLE!

Whew, it's been a very busy week around here at Seamingly Smitten! The Cozy Hooded Cape pattern for girls is now available and in the pattern shop! I have enjoyed seeing all the pattern testers' pictures! Don't you love being inspired by a new fabric color combination? People always think of different color schemes that just look great! Some ladies used a cotton on the outside of the cape and then a snuggly flannel or corduroy as the lining and others (like myself) used a flannel or corduroy on the outside of the cape and then a simple and solid cotton as the lining. But you can sew this Cozy Hooded Cape pattern either way! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Sweet Baby Tatum in her corduroy cape

I could just pinch those little baby cheeks!
(She's precious, Allison!!)
What pattern would you like to see for the Fall and Winter? Comment below with your ideas. I just might create exactly what you want!

Some little girls need to show some sass, right? How about a zebra printed flannel that really stands out? Then to be a little sweet, there is a cupcake printed cotton on the inside. Babies are super sweet!!

This is flannel that is sure to stand out! Thnk how great this would look for all those holiday parties over dresses, for church or even just to wear with jeans on any given day!

 Precious fall and winter outfit!

The hood will keep those little ears warm and cozy when the wind blows.

Owls make this cape a flying "hoot!" This little girl loved pretending she was Bat Owl Girl and now wants to wear it as her Halloween costume. Lucky Momma, now her costume is done!

This pattern even goes up to a SIZE 10 for all those older girls who want to look cute and stay warm!

You can even show your stripes and make a matching flower blossom to really snazz it up!!

The Cozy Hooded Cape PDF sewing pattern is perfect for beginners! There is NO HEMMING for this cape since it is fully lined. It's so simple to sew, too. If you can cut a circle, you can sew this cape. Full-sized and color-coded hood pattern pieces are included. The pattern pieces are computer generated.

*You get  the pattern for ALL SIZES 3 months - 10 years with this pattern.

So many mothers have written to me about wanting to sew for their older girls and not knowing where to find patterns for them. They also mentioned they wanted modest clothing choices for their girls - so this cape is for all you mommies out there who want the same thing for your sweet girl!

This PDF sewing pattern for BEGINNER SEWERS is not available in our ETSY SHOP.

OR it can be purchased and INSTANTLY RECEIVED via EMAIL on our main website

Seamingly Smitten Sewing Patterns SHOP

What pattern would you like to see for the Fall and Winter? Comment below with your ideas. I just might create exactly what you want!