Friday, August 18, 2017

Indigo Shibori Fabric

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25 Indigo Fabric Sewing Project Ideas 

I have a confession! I am completely addicted to dyeing fabric right now! For the past few months I have been trying my hand at shibori dyeing techniques and simply cannot stop! It is such an amazing process to watch unfold (literally)! From the moment I make the indigo vat and watch the changes take place inside my vat, I am awe struck! I begin with white Kona cotton and cut it into fat quarters. Then I choose which technique to use. I can fold them, clamp them, hand stitch patterns, ice dye them or even dye a full yard in a small batch of indigo. Watching the color change from yellow when it comes out of the vat, to a gorgeous and vivid blue, seems like a small miracle every time it happens! And repeating the process after it oxides for 20 minutes only deepens and darkens the blue. I love triple dipping! The blue is phenomenal! I am going to be adding Indigo Shibori 100% cotton Fabric in full yards, fat quarters and scrap bundles to the shop soon! 

Here are 25 ideas on what to do with indigo shibori fat quarters and scraps! I hope you find that inspiration you need to grab some fabric and get sewing!!

25 Indigo Shibori Sewing Project Ideas

1. Couch Pillows  These make a statement! I love that they do not have to match in order to go on your couch. You can use a fat quarter to make a pillow front and another for the back!

2. More Shibori Pillows - These look AMAZING with a fat quarter front and a solid back. You could even use two different patterned fat quarters so you could have two different looks! Flip them around when you want a new style!

3. Tea Towels (love this idea!) One fat quarter would make one hand towel! These would look beautiful in any kitchen!

4. Hand Dyed Indigo Tote Bag This looks beautiful with the leather but would be pretty without it, too! The varying depths of color make it stunning.

5. Zippered Bag or Clutch  You can find the best part on the fat quarter and use it as a statement to your one of a kind zippered bag!

6. Dress This is one of the pictures that first inspired me to start dyeing fabric! Grab a full yard and make a dress for your little one or a skirt for yourself!
7. Shirt  You could mix and match a solid with a patterned print!

8. Patchwork Skirt I love how they contrasted this with a small printed black fabric and fun trim!

9. Purses - So proud of my mom! She actually made and quilted this purse. It even has a few zippers! She did a great job breaking up the patterns and accenting the purse to get just the right look!

10. Embroidery Hoop Decorations  These would look fabulous in a sewing room!

11. Quilts! Any quilt lover would love to use fat quarters or even the scrap bundles to make a one of a kind design! Cut them into strips, make your own binding...the pattern designs are endless and no two quilts will ever be alike!

12. Just loved this inspiration board. 

13. Placemats  Host your next dinner party in style! A fat quarter would be perfect to make a placemat! Guaranteed to be a conversation starter!

15. Skirt  No one else would have one like it!

17. Sundress A flowy sundress in this bright blue indigo is fun!

18. Little Girl's Dress Since this fabric is 100% cotton the possibilities are endless with the clothes you can make! Think dresses, shorts, skirts, bowties and more!

19. Blanket How much fun would this be to take on picnics?

20. Baby Changing Pad Covers  Show up with this at a baby shower and your gift is a hit!

21. Shibori Baby Bandana Bibs Too cute for words!

22. Shibori Quilt / Comforter  Fun baby boy gift!

23. Shibori Indigo Spin Quilt Fun scrap project! Make a pinwheel quilt out of indigo scraps!

24. Indigo Shibori Peplum Top This would be precious for a little girl or boho chic for you!

25. Indigo Shibori Furniture How gorgeous would shibori indigo fabric be as seat cushions??
25. Lampshades DIY lampshade to spruce up a desk or dresser!

26. Table Runner Shibori Table Runner would be a great scrap buster! You could patchwork it or use fat quarters strips along the edges as an accent!

27. Shirt Dress  Love the cuffs on this one! 

Hope you found some inspiration! Shibori Indigo Fabric coming to the SHOP SOON!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pattern Review of the High / Low Off the Shoulder Shirt Sewing Pattern by Kutti Couture

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One thing I love about pattern reviews is seeing what a customer not only makes with the pattern, but how she simply makes it her OWN! Jennifer Jeremiah of Kutti Couture took our Women's Off the Shoulder High/Low Top and added an extra detail of a draped front to it, to make it perfect!! She even shows you exactly how to do it! Head over to her blog now to find out how! 

Grab the pattern here!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Draped Tank Sewing Pattern Review by Rebecca Tresler

I absolutely love seeing a pattern hack from a customer! Rebecca Tresler took our Draped Tank PDF Sewing Pattern and added a knot along the center front to make a knotted tank! (And if you notice she is the cover photo in that pattern picture!) She even shows you how she did it and includes photos of it dressed up or down! She can even wear it as a workout top!
Head on over to her blog and find all the details HERE!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Seaside Dress sewing pattern review by Jennifer Jeremiah of Kutti Couture

Anyone ready for the perfect summer dress? Check out Jennifer Jeremiah's (of Kutti Couture) Seaside Dress that she just made! She didn't just make one, either!! She LOVED her dress so much (perhaps because it has pockets!) that she made TWO dresses and took them with her to her summer lakeside vacation (still swooning over those pics)! Find her blog post HERE and check out her sewing tips for sewing the perfect V for a V-neck dress and her waistband elastic tips for getting the elastic measurement right every time!

Find all of her tips and trick (and loads more pics) HERE .

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Jennifer also made a gorgeous Lesley Flutter Top that we featured recently! I love her use of prints and solids combined! Read about it HERE and grab the PATTERN HERE!

Happy Sewing!!

Lesley Flutter Top sewing pattern review by Jennifer Jeremiah of Kutti Couture

The other day Jennifer Jeremiah from the blog Kutti Couture posted this gorgeous pic of her Lesley Flutter Top pattern that she made and wowed everyone with her style! We loved how she used gorgeous graphic prints and even made one with a solid back and a print on the front!
Check out her Lesley Flutter Top sewing pattern review over on her blog (CLICK HERE) for more tips, trick and tons of photos!

You can also check out Jennifer's write up on this Lesley Flutter Top (below) HERE and her Sazerac Shift Dress sewing pattern review HERE that she made into a nightgown!

Go check out her blog and leave her some love! Find the Lesley Flutter Top sewing pattern here or the Sazerac Shift Dress (above) in the shop HERE.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Free Stuffed Animal Carrier Sewing Pattern + Beginner Sewing Project for Kids

FREE Stuffed Animal Carrier Sewing Pattern and Tutorial
DIY Stuffed Animal Carrier / Backpack
*The pattern download link is below
The other day my daughter wanted to spend some of her birthday and allowance money at Build-A-Bear so off we went to the mall! She quickly realized that there were too many things she wanted and not enough money for them of course :) She found the bear she wanted - Squirtle the Pokemon character - and then wanted a stuffed animal carrier for him. But, when she saw the price and looked at it, she said, "Mom, I think we should go home and make this!" OMGOSH did my heart explode! My little girl loves a project and this one was going to be so much fun to do together!

Catherine is almost 8 years old and has been "sewing" with me the past few years. She usually sits on my lap and I let her lift the presser foot, push the backstitch button and turn the hand wheel to lift the needle, then trim the threads. Well, this time it was different! My big girl sat at the machine all by herself and I stood next to her, in awe of her moving the fabric as she sewed, knowing exactly when to lift and lower the presser foot and watching her little hands trim the thread. Just in awe. It was a beautiful and proud moment and I love watching her grow up! 

Tutorial below...
I could watch her create all day long. That persistent look, those creative ideas that never stop - she is full of so much joy daily and I love her heart!

Trying hard to keep the fabric straight.

Stuffed Animal Carrier Sewing Tutorial

Print the FREE stuffed animal carrier pattern pieces HERE.

Materials: 1/2 of a yard of cotton fabric; 1/2 yard of fusible interfacing; 36 inches of bias tape (for straps or 1/8 of a yard of fabric for the straps)

Make sure your 1 inch square measures 1 inch. Do not overlap pages when you lay out the pattern pieces. Cut out pattern pieces.

1. Cut 2 carrier pieces in the fabric you are using.  
2. Cut 1 stuffed animal holder pattern piece. Trace the foot arch but do not cut out the foot arch yet.
3. Cut 2 straps 18 inches long (we used bias tape) OR cut out two straps 2 inches by 18 inches. Fold the straps in half so they are 1 inch by 18 inches, sew along the long side and turn right side out. Press with iron. 

4. Iron on interfacing on the back (wrong side) of one carrier piece.

5. Iron on the interfacing on the back (wrong side) of the stuffed animal holder. 

6. Fold down a 1 inch hem along the top edge of the animal holder. Pin and sew. 

7. Cut out 2 arches for the stuffed animal's feet. Zig-zag stitch the arcs to reduce fraying.

7. Lay one carrier piece right side up. Lay the stuffed animal holder right side up and centered along the bottom edge. Gather it and pin. You need this to be roomy because of the depth of the stuffed animal - they are not flat like a piece of paper :) 

8. Lay the straps 3 inches apart and centered along the top and 2 inches in from the left and right bottom edge. Pin.

9. Place the other carrier piece right sides together. Pin all around. 

10. Sew all the way around but STOP SEWING 4 inches before your starting point. Turn right side out through the hole. Sew the hole closed. 

You're done!!