Thursday, February 12, 2015

Serger 101 - Don't give up on your new serger yet

Sergers - the word can be so intimidating but they can make a world of a difference! It took me years to build up the confidence to purchase a serger. To me they were something that were out of my league, so unknown and so confusing. That was until my friend let me use hers and it was an instant lightbulb moment! I had to have one! I purchased a Juki serger and have loved it. I have only changed the thread twice (the spools last forever it seems) and the settings a few times and I am still learning, too!

But I wanted to share some of the best serger tutorials I've found with you! Hope you are inspired to try something new!

1. Serger 101 from Sweet Verbena - So many tips!! She has great reminders (like using quality thread, keep tweezers handy when threading, oil after 15 hours of use...) AND has picture of the various stitches with the settings you need to use. Awesome!!
2. Serger 101 from Serger Pepper - Most comprehensive serger tips, discusses the parts of your machine, gives tips and the best SERGER CHEAT SHEET ever! I am printing this and hanging it next to my serger for sure!
3. Make It Love It - Using a Serger post  Fabulous photos of serged edges, perfect corners and even serging round pieces of fabric.

I hope you found some great tips with these awesome tutorials! If yours is still in the box, get that thing out and start practicing on scraps - I guarantee it will take your sewing to the next level!

I would love to hear if which tips helped you the most!

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