Monday, May 30, 2011

Crafty Mamas in Australia - selling my patterns

Crafty Mamas Au is now carrying my first 2 PDF sewing patterns. They are an online store that sells fabric, sewing magazines like OTTOBRE magazines and back issues, ribbons, sewing patterns and so much more. Check it out!

I love these 2 pictures of my sweet little girl. She's always up to something that involves being silly, talking on her pretend phone, climbing over things or giggling at something she just did.

What a sweet baby girl!

Reversible Skirt Pattern Released! PDF Sewing Pattern

Thank you to my pattern testers who sewed these precious REVERSIBLE SKIRTS! This pattern is now available in my Etsy shop: CLICK HERE to see all the PDF SEWING PATTERNS available

Jen T.

Happy girl in her skirt!

Kim C.

Belles and Beaus Embroidery and Gifts
Any LSU Tiger fans out there? Sooo precious for football season!

Jen T.

Kim C.

This little one is ready for summer!

Ribbons and Ric Rac blog by Paige
A rainbow of colors makes little girls smile!

Ribbons and Ric Rac blog by Paige

Natalie from: Johnny in a Dress blog

Doesn't this remind you of the beachy blue waters?

Thank you ladies for helping me finish this pattern!

You all made some super sweet reversible skirts!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Upcycling: Daddy's Swimsuit to Little Boy's Swimsuit

What to do with your husband's old swimming suit?
Turn it into a swimsuit for your little boy!

This summer my husband got a new bathing suit and was going to get rid of his old one. Of course the sewer in me screamed, "I'll take it!" and I added it to the ever-growing fabric bins in my sewing room. I loved the plaid and the material is a bathing suit material so I decided to upcycle (or in this case downsize) it to be something for our son.
I used the tutorial found here: Dana Made It Tutorial - Kid Pants and it even came with a downloadable pattern. I downloaded her pant pattern but shortened it to match a pair of his shorts. When I cut out the pattern I lined up the hem of my husband's swimsuit to the hem I wanted for my little boy's swimsuit. This was already hemmed!! Easy peasy!
Right after my little boy's nap I told him I made something for him. When I showed it to him he said, "I'm so proud of you! I love you!" Seriously, only our 3 year old would say that because we say that to him every night before bed. But I do know it made him happy. He even wore it to go feed the ducks (oh yes, orange striped shirt and all and don't forget his Woody cowboy hat) and then wore it to swim this afternoon.
I even used the old drawstring and just sewed it on to look like it gathers it, but really it's just knotted in bow. I used an elastic piece for the waistband.
It had a really cool zipper pocket and it just happened to make the "cut" when I cut out the pattern. It adds some "boy-ness" to it, don't you think?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pattern Testers Needed: Reversible Skirt Sewing Pattern - PDF format

Do you want to test this pattern?

The Reversible Waveland Skirt pattern has been edited and is ready for a final round of pattern testers. If you can sew it up this week and give me some feedback let me know! It uses 2 of your favorite fabrics and one other coordinating fabric strip as a "waved" border and takes about an hour.

Super cute for Summertime!

Ruffled Halter Dress for a birthday present!

I made this dress last week for my friend Caroline. Her daughter just turned 1 and I thought she needed this sweet little dress for her first birthday. It's made with Moda fabric and to me it depicts spring and summer all in one....blooming flowers, cherries, red ruffles and a halter top. I made it using my Ruffled Halter Dress Pattern - a quick go-to pattern perfect for girls and gifts!

Friday, May 20, 2011

DIY Dress from a RUG!

I just came across the blog A Pair and a Spare and I'm simply blown away. She whips up DIY dresses in a manner of minutes by sewing, hand-sewing or sometimes simply twisting gorgeous fabrics. Her photography is stunning. Next time you or I need some inspiration...check out this site!
Here's something to add to my inspiration board. It's something I'd totally wear, but surely wouldn't have had the creative insight make.

Can you imagine taking a DOLLAR STORE jersey rug

and turning it into a DRESS?
To view her tutorial on how to take a jersey multi-colored rug into a stunning and sexy dress - zipper tutorial included - check this out:
A Pair and a Spare

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Featured on Coupons on Caffeine blog today

Today, Bree, over at Coupons on Caffeine is featuring my Vintage Pillowcase Dress. Check out her blog if you love a good bargain. She does all the coupon research for you and shares the best deals of the day! Check her out!

And you can see my tutorial here for a pillowcase dress made without ribbons here:Vintage Pillowcase Dress with Straps – No Ribbons

Ribbons slip out, slide out and come untied so I wanted to create something without them. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tutorial: Vintage Embroidered Pillowcase Dress with Straps - no ribbons here!


Pillowcase Dress with Straps - no ribbons!

Have you ever seen a pillowcase with such details and embroidery that you couldn't imagine a person would ever lay their head on it at night? I've seen pillowcases in thrift stores and antique stores with your basic embroidery, but this pillowcase is almost magical. It reminds me of the book, The Secret Garden, and it's flowers seem to jump off the fabric, wanting to grow around and up the walls of that garden.

I found this embroidered pillowcase in my mom's linen closet a few months ago and my niece, Taylor, wrapper it around herself and said it would make a beautiful dress. My mom said they were her pillowcases when she was a little girl - they are over 50 years old - and in the best condition. I saved them in my sewing room for weeks, just thinking about what I could do with them, not wanting to lose the colors and embroidery.

That's when I decided to make a dress from a pillowcase, but not your basic pillowcase dress with ribbons. Ribbons slip, slide out, untie, and my little girl can take those dresses off herself during a nap, so I knew this dress had to be put together differently.

So here is a:

Vintage Pillowcase Dress with Embroidered Straps Tutorial


1. Lay out your pillowcase and cut 2 inches off either end to use as 2 straps. (This is cut from the vertical part/the length of the pillowcase).

2. Now you will have 2 "straps" and your pillowcase for the dress. (I only used one of these bordered edges because my little girl is tiny and cut it in half. You may need both for straps.)

3. Lay your pillowcase right side down.You will draw a horizontal line 2 inches below the top edge, extending across the entire width of the pillowcase. Draw another line 2 inches below this drawn line, also extending across the entire width of the pillowcase. This is for your elastic casing.

4. Take your bottom drawn line and lift it up to meet the top line you drew. Once you make both lines meet, iron this in place and pin where the 2 lines meet.

5. You will now have a folded "casing" that is pinned. (See photo above.)

6. Sew along this folded edge using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. You are sewing this to hold the fold in place. Sew as close to the fold as you can get.

7. Turn over your pillowcase so the right side is facing up. You will see the line you sewed and the folded fabric below it. Pin along the width of the folded fabric.

8. Sew along the folded edge using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. You are sewing this to hold the fold in place. Sew as close to the fold as you can get.

9. Now you have created your elastic casing (it's like a tunnel for your elastic).

10. Take your child's chest measurement and subtract 3 inches. Cut a piece of 1/2 inch elastic
this length.

11. Use a safety pin to guide the elastic through the casing. Pin on both ends.

12. Both edges should be pinned like the picture above.

13. Sew vertically over the elastic casing so the elastic will stay in place and backstitch.

14. Serge or zig-zag stitch the strap edges (the long side/the length) to keep them from fraying. If you use a zig-zag stitch use a very close stitch length and wide stitch width along the edge, making sure your needle goes on then off the fabric with each stitch. Trim your threads.

15. Lay your strap piece right side down. Fold over the zig-zagged edge 1/4 inch and pin in place.

16. Sew along the folded/pinned edge using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. Repeat for other strap. Trim threads.

17. Lay out your strap, measure it's length and cut two pieces of elastic 3 inches shorter than the length of the strap you are using. (Example: If the strap is 10 inches, cut a piece of elastic 7 inches long for each strap) - I used 3/8 inch elastic.

18. Lay each strap right side down. Pin each end of the elastic to each end of the strap.

19. Sew along the elastic strip using a straight stitch, pulling the elastic gently as you sew. Trim threads and any excess elastic hanging over the end.

20. The elastic will make your strap "bunch up" - this is what you want it to do.

21. Lay your pillowcase dress right side up. Take the left side of the dress and fold it over the meet the right side. Match your raw edges and pin in place. Sew along the pinned edge.

22. Serge or zig-zag stitch over the raw edges to keep them from fraying. Use a short stitch length and a wide stitch width. Trim your threads.

23. Lay your dress right side up. Lay your straps where you want them and pin each in place.

24. Flip it over (now it is laying right side down and you are looking at the back of the dress), lay your straps where you want them and pin each in place.

25. Sew over each pinned strap's edge using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Backstitch and forward stitch again to reinforce stitches. Repeat for all 4 straps. Trim threads.

You're DONE!

Be proud of what you made and go try it on that little girl!!