Thursday, March 28, 2013

TUTORIAL: DIY "D" Ring Belts

Have you seen the bright and beautiful belts for Spring?
Whale Belt from Vineyard Vines CLICK HERE

Monkey Bum Designs Etsy Shop
Owl ribbon belt or argyle belt

Fashionably Lauren - Etsy Shop - CLICK HERE
Or you can easily make one like this:

You can make them for anyone! Your kids, your husband and don't forget about yourself!!

Some of these (shown above0 are made with webbing, some have interfacing between the layers and some are simply two fabrics sewn together. The one I am showing you is made with just two fabrics, but you can always interface them, too!

I have made belts before using old ties, ribbons and fabric and wanted to share it with you so you could make one (or many)! Here goes!

How to Sew a Belt

1. Gather Materials: belt fabric, lining fabric, two "D" rings (or "O" rings like shown below), pins, scissors, sewing machine

2. Measure your waist and add 7 inches. EXAMPLE: My waist is 26. So 26 + 7 = 33 inches.

3. Cut a piece of fabric 2.5 inches long x that width.
EXAMPLE: I will cut a 2.5 inch long x 33 inches wide strip in my MAIN belt fabric.

 Cut another in your lining fabric this same size.

**If you wanted to interface these, you would cut a strip of interfacing the same size as the lining, then trim off 3/8 inch all the way around (so the interfacing will not be sewn in your seam allowance). Center it and press with an iron on the wrong side of the lining. Continue.

4. Lay your two fabrics right sides together. Pin along both widths (the long edges).

5. Sew along both widths (the long edges) using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Trim threads.

6. Turn belt right side out. I do this by inserting a safety pin onto just the lining fabric, then feeding the safety pin through the belt and out the other side.

Don't skip this: Press with an iron. I know some of you don't like ironing, but it will give it a crisp look!

Topstitch using a 1/16 inch seam allowance along both long edges to keep fabrics in place and give it a professional look.

7. Double fold one raw edge half an inch and then another half an inch. Pin. Sew along this folded edge using a vertical stitch along  your double fold. Trim threads.

8. Lay your belt right side down. Slide BOTH "D" rings (or "O" rings) onto the belt at the remaining raw edge. Fold over the raw edge half an inch and pin

9. Sew along your pinned edge using a vertical stitch along your double folded edge. Make sure you do not hit the "D" ring with your sewing machine needle. Trim threads.

10. TRY IT ON!! You did it!! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learned something new that you are excited to try!!

Have fun sewing!
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