Friday, July 30, 2010

Frock with Pleated Neckline

I enjoy reading the blog She is so very talented and I wanted to try to make a dress like hers that has sleeves - but loose and relaxed sleeves - and without pockets.

Here is the dress she made that also inspired me!

Lex had posted a brief tutorial on how to make a t-shirt here:
I used the inspiration from the dress she made and the t-shirt tutorial to create this dress, then smocked the waistline. (I used a dress I had as a pattern - just traced around it and added an inch all around. Next time I won't add as much around the neckline.)
The neckline came out way too big, so I ended up pleating it and I think it adds a little character to what would have been a very simple dress.
It's very lightweight
and perfect for something quick to
throw on with heels
and go out to dinner!

Here's the back view: (no zipper)

I'm going to be making a brown one next, but I want to add embroidered detailing to make the neckline more interesting. More to come...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Shirred Knit Dress

Another Project for Myself...I'm seeing a pattern here!
After I made my first shirred dress for my sister (below) I wanted to try to make myself one.I found a paisley knit and created a shirred summer dress. I LOVE IT! It's comfortable, airy, perfect for chasing little babies around the house and I didn't need a pattern. I don't know how to use patterns, so I just measure, cut and go with it. I'm just glad it worked!
Oh - and my sister and I aren't twins :)

Shirred Linen Top

A project for myself!
After making my sister a knit shirred dress I wanted to tackle a project for myself. If you know me, that means something quick and easy that I can finish during my kids' afternoon hour and a half. This is what I created - the shirred halter top.
I took some linen, cut a rectangle, hemmed the top and bottom, shirred 18 rows across the top, ironed it, then added a strap and sewed it up the back to make a tube.
An hour and a half! Some of you may think it looks like it would take a lot less time-
but I'm a slow sewer! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirred Dress

The Laurie Dress
Lately I have sewn so many things for my kids or house that I wanted to try something different. I challenged myself to try shirring. If you haven't tried it, it's incredibly easy! The tutorial I used was found here:

I found a knit fabric, (my first, I've been missing out!...I really need to learn about types of fabric...) hemmed the top, shirred 20 lines across the top, dampened the shirred lines with water, then put a hot iron on top of it. I felt like I was doing a science project again and got so much enjoyment watching the shirring "shrink" like it was supposed to. Woohooo! I did it right!

And here is the outcome....
a sassy, swingy, comfortable summer dress
for my awesome sister, Laurie.

She deserved this one! (Lots of babysitting lately!) I was a little jealous of this project and wanted to keep it for myself, but it felt better sharing. :)
I'm going to be making myself one next.

It can be found here:
make it wear it