Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summertime Halter Sundress

Here's my latest project for a little girl I know. I've never made a sundress before and I didn't have a pattern so this was a create-as-I-go and I LOVE how it came out! Putting elastic on the back was much simpler than I thought, once I figured out how to piece it all together. I can't wait to see it on Lilly!

Leave a comment if you like it :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Red Seersucker Halter Top and Capri Pants

When I saw this red seersucker fabric with apples embroidered on it I had so many ideas for it I didn't know which one to choose! Does that ever happen to you? I had drawn a few ideas on paper and ultimately decided to combine some ideas and create a halter top for my baby girl with a pair of matching capri pants.

Here's how her little outfit came out. Tell me what you think...

You can also see it here - and check out what others have been creating this week!

Boy's Blue Gingham Romper

Here's a picture of an outfit I just made for my nephew, Mason. He's 10 months old and his sweet smile just lights up a room! I like the way it came out but I need to find an easier way to make buttonholes. I always dread doing them! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Patchwork Madras Plaid Bubble and Boy's John John

Once Spring arrived I started seeing patchwork madras plaid and fell in love with it! I ordered a few yards from and couldn't wait for the shipment to arrive! Less than 3 days later it was on the doorstep and I got to work. It was so colorful, lightweight and almost had a playful look to it. I made this bubble for my daughter, Catherine. Then I thought red ribbon would make it "pop" a little more and changed it. I think it brings out her blue eyes...
For my son, John Patrick, I decided to make his Easter outfit with the patchwork madras fabric I chose for him. He just turned 2 and I think next year he might be a little too old for a john john (romper) so once I made this outfit he wore it to every event we had (birthday parties, church, Easter egg hunts...) until it was too warm to wear it.

And of course since we live in the south, I had to monogram it!
I love my little man!!!

Double Layered Pillowcase Dress

I finally got around to making something new for my daughter, Catherine. I wanted to make her a pillowcase dress but make it a little different. I tried to put the bow on one side, but she's so petite, it looked a little strange and lopsided. So instead I made a regular pillowcase dress but gave it a second layer in a soft, pink gingham. I love my baby girl in pink and blues. She can't stand up yet, so it's hard to get her to "pose." :)