Monday, June 7, 2010

Boy Grilling Apron

I love aprons on little kids! But of course there are always cuter things for girls because of the color and fabric selection that girls can wear. Boys are pretty basic - plaids, blues, reds, stripes...etc. When I saw this crab fabric I knew it would make a perfect grilling apron for our little 2 year-old, John Patrick! He had a blast pretending to grill some fish, but he never once put down his chocolate milk! :) Gotta love it!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boy Outfit! Shorts and Whale Applique Shirt

I find it so hard to come up with new things for my little boy, John Patrick. Since he's 2 I feel I can't dress him in rompers (shortalls) anymore and I wish I would have put him in them more when he was younger! :) I think that's why I'm dressing my baby girl in dresses all the time.

Once again I used a seersucker with bright colors (have you noticed those are my favorite?) to make a pair of shorts, then matched it with a whale applique on a t-shirt.

So simple, so summery and Southern preppy at its best. :)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Toile Kitchen Valance

I had some extra curtain fabric laying around and wanted to add some more color to our kitchen window. I thought a valance couldn't be that hard because it's just a rectangle.
I cut two strips 60x16, sewed them together, then hemmed on all sides. To cover up the seam in the middle I folded the fabric to give it a "pleat" and hung it with clip rings. I can't stop looking at it! :)
Now I can't decide if I'm going to leave that one up or get new fabric and do it again... This is the fabric that was used to make our living room curtains and I don't want to overdo the toile look. Although I never thought I liked French country until I started decorating our house and now I realize I LOVE IT!