Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Sundress with Ruffles

If you know this little face of my little girl's you've probably noticed you haven't seen her on the blog lately. That's because she's been laying down all summer! Catherine broke her femur climbing onto a bed 5 weeks ago (her leg got stuck between the rail and the mattress and she fell off) and has been in a spica cast.  That means a full-body cast with a bar in between her legs to keep her hips from moving. She has been laying around, army crawling around and being carried around the past few weeks. A week ago today she got that cast off and is just in a long legged cast on the broken leg and the cast still goes around her hips. BUT...she can stand! This is HUGE! I had to have the camera ready for when she did start standing again because it's almost been like having an infant in the house. Yay...she's crawling! Yay...she's standing! And in 10 more days we cannot wait to say YAY...SHE'S WALKING! But...that's in 10 more days. So for now I can finally take pictures of Catherine again (We call her "Ladycakes") in some sweet summery dresses standing up.
That's big news in our house and it is the little things in life that I appreciate. 

 I love this polk-a-dot and flowery fabric combination and the length of the ruffles. But do you see my mistake? I made the dress a few inches too long (I was trying to cover the cast...do you see it poking out on her right foot?) and had to make it shorter, but I had already attached the ruffles. So I just cut across and took off a few inches then reattached the bottom. I should have done this along the ruffle line...note for next time!
My sweet neighbor, Rebecca, who lives across the street has a monogramming machine and offered to monogram a few things for me if I sewed her little boy some clothes. I am all about bartering! Of course I jumped at the chance, gave her a few things and let her choose the monogram font, size and color. Well she did not let me down! I LOVE this monogram with the scrollwork around it! I've never had such a fancy monogram on a piece of kid's clothing before and now I think I won't go back to simple initials. Thanks Rebecca! You can see her blog here at The Klar Family blog. And I will post all of the awesome things she monogrammed for me in a few days! Thanks REBECCA!

 LOVE this monogram!

"See my dress, Momma? Cheese!"
I love my baby girl!
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