Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sewing up a Silk Dress for Summer

Do you ever go to the fabric store and wonder where the "real" fabric is? Like the kind of fabric that clothing companies use to make clothes they sell in stores? The more and more I sew, the more and more I want to sew for myself. I see blogs like Elle Apparel with this amazing number:

Or read posts from A Pair and a Spare, an amazing Do-It-Yourself blog, that focuses on thrifting, repurposing, creating from scratch (and you get to see all her amazing travel photos) and would love to see what's in her closet. Check out this lace cami she made:

I dream of a new kind of fabric store. A store where fabrics are amazing to touch, bring instant inspiration and carry fabrics that could be turned into boutique clothing pieces for women. The fabric stores here focus on quilting fabrics, some clothing fabrics (linen, linen blends, poly/rayon blends) and then your typical costume or dress-making fabrics (super shiny). 
Last time I went to my fabric store I decided I was going to stay there until something sparked my interest. AND I FOUND IT.
SILK - my new love
I bought a yard of it and tons of ideas flooded my mind but two ideas stood out: a maxi dress or a mini dress.
I went for the mini, sewed it up that afternoon and wore it to a wedding shower.
Purple silk. Soft to the touch. Delicate on the skin.
And it felt great knowing that I made it.


So please comment and let me know:
What have you been making? Where do you buy clothing fabric for yourself?
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