Monday, July 18, 2011

Boy Stuff - Seersucker Shorts and Shirt

 I made another outfit for a friend's little boy from light blue seersucker. This time the seersucker had wide stripes, which ups the "preppy factor" even more in my opinion.
I can't wait to see Barrett wear it and I think I will have to make another outfit for my own little boy, John Patrick. He is already 3 so I'm not sure how long I actually get to sew for him, so I better start working on it!
 Here's the first outfit I sewed for Barrett. Doesn't he look cozy in his chair?
 His mom is lucky enough to have a monogramming machine and made him these shirts. Once I saw them I knew I wanted some for my kiddos, so we started bartering. It's fun having a crafty friend!
 Rebecca monogrammed my little girl's dress. Pink seersucker - soft and sweet.
 I had leftovers so made her sweet baby girl this dress. I've never seen her baby cry! She's an angel!
 Here are the shirts Rebecca made for my kids. I cannot get John Patrick to wear anything else since he's seen these! He loves them!
 And we couldn't forget Catherine. She absolutely needed sweet shirts with a lollipop and cupcake because she's all sugar. And if you know her, obviously some spice.

Thanks, Rebecca!!
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