Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Can Make - my pattern is up!

Check out the site:

and you will see they are carrying my first pattern!

YAY!!! A little shout out for The Catherine Claire Ruffled Halter Dress pattern!

It's a quick pattern to whip up a boutique style halter dress and it's perfect for beginner to advanced sewers. With a halter style top that can tie in the front or the back (depending on what you want) it is one dress that is sure to show off some sweetness! Try it today!

If you haven't been to this site, you will LOVE it! There are so many patterns to choose from and it's organized into categories for easy browsing. I've bought patterns from them before and the awesome thing about it is they are INSTANT DOWNLOAD! No running to the fabric store, no waiting for an email from can INSTANTLY get your pattern and start sewing!

Check it out!

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