Monday, April 11, 2011

New Bedside Table Skirt

A Bedside Table Skirt

5 and a half yards of fabric +1 and a half yards for the topper =A BEAUTY!

Why is it that one of the last room's in our house to get some attention is the master bedroom? Didn't we think that we needed a place to retreat to each night? We've been married almost 6 years now and still were using hand-me-down furniture and didn't have any pictures on the walls after 2 years of being in our house. Enough is enough! Last weekend we got rid of both nightstands and 2 dressers that were clogging up the room.! We hung pictures on the walls and put a bedside table next to our bed. It's a 30 inch diameter table (but looks small here).

Then it was time to create!

The kids and I headed to the fabric store (not a smart idea after 2 errands and it was almost time for lunch) and fell in love with SO MANY gorgeous fabrics! But I decided to keep the bottom layer simple by using a neutral color to match the tones in our bedding, then added a topper in a fabric I couldn't resist. It actually has twine (or that's what I call it) curving and twirling throughout to look like swirling vines. GORGEOUS!

Making a tableskirt took 5 and a half yards of the main fabric and a yard and a half of the topper fabric. Dealing with 5 and a half yards of fabric was quite heavy, but worth it.

And best of all I LEARNED SOMETHING! Last time I made a circular tableskirt I had the most difficult time with the hem. Frustrating! But this time I simply cut out the circle then ironed a half inch hem all around. Instead of sewing it using a straight stitch (which makes it pucker and pull to the side) I used a zig-zag stitch. Talk about flawless! Try it, it works!!

Next up - learning to recover the chair next to it and making a new pillow for it.

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