Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orange Sherbet Easter Dresses and Seersucker Pants

When I saw this seersucker fabric my mouth watered. Not only because the fabric was beautiful, but because it instantly reminded me of being a little girl and going to my Grammy's house and eating her orange sherbet. Remember that taste? So tangy and tart and freezing cold all at the same time? YUM! So I scooped up two yards of that yummy deliciousness and made Easter dresses. One for my little girl and one for my niece. They wore them to the Easter egg hunt this weekend and had quite a good time! Of course my little girl immediately dropped some blackberries (I mean CHOCOLATE!) on it, but that's what Shout is for...and it came right out. :)

My little boy and my nephew also wore some blue seersucker pants for the first time. We have to raise them to be proper Southern boys and are starting them early :) They looked TOO SWEET and even had on belts to match. I made my nephew's seersucker pants and put little pockets on the rear so he could hide some candy from his sister. :)

Happy Easter!

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