Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Pictures and Butternick Dress REVEAL

Did you all have a wonderful Easter? I wanted to share a few of our most memorable pictures from our Easter. This was the first time we have spent Easter at The Grand Hotel in Fairhope, Alabama and I can tell you we already want to reserve our room for next year! It was unforgettable! Each day the resort had activities for the kids - whether it was seashell hunting in the sand, Easter basket decorating, a petting zoo, carriage rides, Easter bunny bingo, checkers on the lawn, beanbag toss games or the daily 3pm firing of the cannon - we absolutely loved it. We created so many memories, heard so many giggles, didn't catch any fish (though we tried), went bike riding and simply hung out and couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. It was so nice to step away from the sewing studio for a few days and just be with my family. My heart was full of JOY while we were there and I loved how relaxing it was to just slow down for a few days.
Here is a glimpse of our Easter vacation with my husband and children, my sister and her family and my parents- I hope and pray you and your family had a happy and most blessed Easter, too!!

 Laurie, my mom and I Easter morning
Remember the Butternick dress I made - this is it! The big reveal!

The love these two have for each other melts my heart!
Do you know Catherine NEVER says, "Here I am" when you are looking for her? EVER! Whew...not fun! She was hiding in the bushes eating her candy of course while I was searching everywhere for her! (silly girl!)

 The silliest of all! My sweet Catherine
 A family photo
Patrick and his little lady cakes - I'm not sure who adores the other the most! :)

My handsome men

 Sister, mom and I
 Curls gone wild! :)
I've never seen my Mom looks more relaxed or more beautiful than on this trip. That might also be because she is retiring in two months. Yay!

 The four cousins - do you know how hard it is to get everyone to look at the camera!? :)
 Our room's view of Mobile Bay
Living it up!

 Yes, putt putt in swim suits is fun!
 Do you know he's actually holding a chicken finger in his hand? He couldn't decide which to put down first, the golf club or the food, so he held on to both. :)
She marched, she drummed and she smiled the whole time! (in her vest..haha!)

We do love a good vacation! Keep your toes in the water and keep on smiling!!
Happy Easter and Happy Sewing!
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