Monday, March 18, 2013

Boy's Blue and White Seersucker Shirt for Easter

For Easter this year I am making my kid's outfit and my own dress. Yes, that's a very lofty goal but I am getting started and am so excited about it!
For my four year old son I made him this blue and white seersucker shirt. The fabric is from Hancock Fabrics CLICK HERE. The pattern is by Lily Bird Studio CLICK HERE and came out great! The shirt took about 3-4 hours total, but it was my second time making it. The pattern had good pictures to follow, but the yoke pattern piece wasn't working for me. It was way too wide and the pieces weren't matching up, so I had to reshape that and draw my own armholes. I was quite scared of that collar, but OH MY I LOVE IT!!! I tried this shirt last year and never finished it. The collar stand wasn't coming out perfectly so I tossed it into the pile of unfinished projects and haven't seen it since :) Ha! But, this time, I worked on that collar stand until it was perfect!! My husband couldn't believe I made this, so that is a winning compliment! :)
I am going to make him some Nantucket red pants to wear with a belt and my daughter is going to have a coordinating seersucker dress. I haven't decided what style she is going to have yet. I love simple, classic, dainty and sweet, so I will keep you posted.
I am also going to TRY to make my own dress from a  pattern this year! It has darts and a zipper - so if I can tackle that, I will feel quite accomplished! :) If I can't, no big deal - but I like a challenge. It pushes my skills to their limits and will definitely teach me something new.
Here is THE PATTERN for my Easter Dress if you'd like to see it. I will keep you posted!!
Here are some close ups.

What are you sewing for Easter?

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