Friday, March 22, 2013

Upcycled pants to toddler trousers

Have you ever upcycled something that you were not so sure about cutting up? My husband was getting rid of some Brooks Brothers pants the other day and instead of giving them away he asked me if I wanted them for the material! I was floored!! With a YES I took them and put them in my sewing room, knowing that I would use the Nantucket red trousers to make my son his Easter pants.

 Can I tell you how nervous I was to cut into them? These were "real" pants - trousers - not just any pants or pants of mine that I was using for the material. But I was so glad my husband gave me the go-ahead!!  I used my Classic Fit Pants pattern, cut out a size 5 for him and cut off an inch across the top. I cut out a piece of fabric that was 2 inch x the width of the pant front and repeated to have two pieces for the waistband.

I sewed the pants as usual, sewed the waistband right sides together to form a loop, then sewed on the waistband, folded it in half and folded it over to hide the waist seam, then inserted my elastic. Finally I took off the belt loops from my husband's pants and put them on my son's. I added the button and DONE!

The only thing is they are dry clean only - YIKES! But, I gave them a good steam and they look great for now!
I will definitely post some pictures after he wears them this weekend for our Easter egg hunt, along with his seersucker shirt that I made (read about it here) and my daughter will wear her coordinating seersucker dress.

My friend, Rebecca, owns Little Lady Monograms - CLICK HERE TO SEE, and put an entwined monogram on the front of my daughter's dress and it came out great!!

Both kids outfits are finally done! I've had many requests to make my daughter's dress a pattern and I absolutely will do that for you all!

Have a wonderful weekend and have fun sewing those Easter projects and Spring projects you're working on!

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