Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to sew shorts for a boy

It is finally warming up around here and yesterday's 80 degree high made me realize my kids need some new Spring clothes! Does that ever sneak up on you?

Are you going to sew your children some clothes this Spring? I'm going to challenge myself to make their Spring wardrobe this year! That means some shorts and pants for my son and dresses, capris, tops and skirts for my daughter that are all mix and match. I figure I have all this fabric so I might as well use it! :)

Here is the first pair of shorts I made for my son. I used my Classic Fit Pants sewing pattern, but cut a 6 and 1/2 inch inseam instead of tracing the entire pant leg (to make a size 5T). Then I  sewed on the pockets before assembling the pants and then followed all the pant directions and gave it a hem. Easy  sew shorts!!

You'll notice one pocket the stripes don't match up, but since he will be running around outside, I'm not sure it matters. I tried a new tab pocket style and I think I love it! I just used a 2 and 1/2 inch bias tape strip, looped it and stuck it under the pocket when I sewed it on. Boyish detail, right?

Here are some pictures.

So far my Spring Wardrobe sewing includes:

*a seersucker shirt for my son (CLICK HERE TO SEE)

*this pair of shorts

I will keep you posted as I make more of my kids' Spring wardrobe! Next up is my daugther's seersucker Easter dress!

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