Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Linky Party #6 and Ruffled Scarf Tutorial

LINKY PARTY #6 (see below)
Ruffled Scarf Tutorial
5 Steps and 10 minutes to something warm and cozy!
Materials:1/4 yard fleece, scissors, thread

1. Lay out your 1/4 yard of fleece. Decide the length and width of your scarf. Cut.

2. Take the remaining strip and cut it in half widthwise so it is about half of the width of your scarf. So my scarf was 6 inches wide and my strip was 3 inches wide. (This will be the ruffle.) 3. Zig-zag stitch around all edges of the scarf and the ruffled pieces.

4. Use your sewing machine to ruffle your strips. (Put it on the highest tension setting and the longest stitch length and use a straight stitch. It will gather it.) Lay out your ruffles where you'd like, press with an iron and pin in place. (I chose to only make my ruffles the bottom 12 inches of each end of the scarf but you can make yours the entire length and whatever design you'd like.)

5. Use a zig-zag stitch throught the center of the ruffles. Take out the pins as you go.

Clip threads and wear it!


Favorites from last week:

Amazing, Amazing!!! These Valentine's Day Ruffle Dresses speak for themselves. I'm in LOVE with them!!

Couture embellishments!! These curduroy skirts are so inspiring!

See what this mom did with $2.00 at the Dollar Store. Cascading ruffles!

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