Friday, December 28, 2012

Women's Nightgown Sewing Pattern

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Does anyone get Christmas pajamas as a gift each year? For as long as I can remember my mom has given my sister and I a pajama pant and top set. I rarely buy pajamas because they are my mom's favorite thing to give as gifts a few times a year. Thanks, Mom! Well last month I designed The Sadie Grace Nightgown sewing pattern for girls (sizes 6 months - 8 years) and it got me thinking - what about designing a Women's Nightgown sewing pattern?

I started drawing out some designs and the first few I drew were looking more like lingerie - nighties - chemises - something for the boudoir.
This was my first version made in a satin - very lingerie-like.

This one (above) was sewing in Amy Butler fabric and looked more like a sundress.

Ultimately I decided it needed to be more modest, something classic and I came up with this Women's Nightgown design. It's just a mock-up of one - done in white cotton broadcloth and a top panel and straps done in some scrap fabric I had. It features a long ruffle, elastic straps, a slightly gathered bodice and a coordinating panel. What do you think? Would you sew one?

The pattern is written and now just needs pictures, pattern testers and then will be published. It's exciting to add another design into the Seamingly Smitten sewing pattern shop that is a women's sewing pattern. I've focused on children lately so it's a great change of pace! I can't wait to show you the nightgown I started on today which is the final version.

In 2013 there are some amazing things to look forward to as Seamingly Smitten grows:

*Women's Nightgown Sewing Pattern
*Men's Pajama Pants Sewing Pattern
*Women's Pajama Pants Sewing Pattern
*Women's Cowl Neck Shirt

Some people have requested tween sized sewing patterns, too, so the list of patterns to create is growing! Thank you for sharing in this creative journey with us!

To close out the year I wanted to offer all of you a special sale! The $4.00 sewing pattern sale in the etsy shop. CLICK HERE. Thank you for being dedicated and encouraging readers, creative and passionate seamstresses and the best Seamingly Smitten fans! Happy New Year!

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