Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TUTORIAL: Stuffed Christmas Tree Door Wreath

Burlap Stuffed Door Hanger
Sewing Tutorial
(You can use burlap or duck canvas for this project.)
This is such a fun project to do with the kids! All it takes is 3/4 yard fabric, some paint or fabric for an applique, some polyfill and your imagination! I wanted to try it out first before the kids made one, so I made this one. I kept it simple by using Christmas fabric for the applique. When the kids make theirs I am going to draw whatever Christmas design they would like and then they can paint it. Make sure all of the paint dries before you continue and stuff your door hanger. You know how little ones are, they might want to start over a few times! :)

Gather materials: 3/4 yard burlap or duck canvas, 18 inches ribbon for hanging, sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors, straight edge, 1 bag polyfill OR plastic grocery bags for filling

1. Cut two pieces of your fabric 27 inches long x 17 inches wide

2. On one piece of your fabric you can paint whatever you would like (Christmas Tree, Ornament, Santa face, Candy Cane, Snowman, Snowflake...etc) OR you can cut out a shape you would like. I cut out a Christmas tree shape and pinned it onto the fabric.

3. Sew around the edges of your shape.

4. Add ric rac trim if desired.

5. Cut around your shape. Lay your fabric pieces wrong sides together. (I am going to sew them together so I can see my stitches on the outside to add some color.)

6. Pin and sew all around your shape using a straight stitch. STOP SEWING 5 inches before your starting point.

7. Fill with polyfill OR fill with plastic grocery shopping bags if your door hanging will get wet in the rain.

8. Sew along your opened hole. Zig-zag stitch around the entire border if desired.

9. Sew on an 18 inch piece of ribbon.

10. Hang and enjoy!
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