Saturday, January 5, 2013

Promenade Fine Fabrics of New Orleans / Cowl Neck Top sewing pattern for Women

Do you ever wish you had a wonderful fabric store nearby that had so much more than you typical chains have to offer? Where I live we have several chain fabric stores, but when I walk into them you see the typical polyester and polyester blends in the apparel section. That simply won't cut it when you have something that you really want to sew and LOVE!
This weekend we went to New Orleans, Louisiana to take the kids to the Children's Museum (if you live nearby you simply must is a child's imaginaton's dream). There is a fabric store called Promenade Fine Fabrics in St. Charles Avenue that has been there for years but I had never been there before Saturday. When I walked it, it was magical! They get their fabric from designer fashion houses in New York and Europe, which are basically the remnant bolts from their designer clothing lines. Think Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Oscare de la Renta and Bill Blass to name a few.

One type of fabric that I just swooned over was called silk jersey and I ended up buying one yard each of three different designs, imagining drapey tops and a dress. Here is a Cowl Neck Top that I already sewed for myself. It is going to be a sewing pattern for women that I will add to the sewing pattern collection soon. You can see the pattern shop HERE or HERE.

Here is the original gold shirt I sewed for myself out of a very stretchy sequin fabric for Christmas Eve and knew it was a style that I wanted to make again in this silk jersey fabric.

Above left: cowl neck top in gold sequins
Above right: cowl neck top in silk jersey
I also added a sash to the one on the right to gather it at the waist.
This is going to be a fun sewing pattern for you to sew for yourself! Stay tuned!
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