Friday, December 21, 2012

Sewing Crafts with Kids

Now that the holidays are here it is a great time to whip up some craft projects with your kids! There are so many wonderful craft sites and projects out there, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites that I know my kids would love to try.

**In the comment section, feel free to link up your favorite Christmas craft that others would enjoy!

Merry Christmas from Seamingly Smitten!
Hug your little ones, play silly games and enjoy their giggles! They grow up way too fast!
Sewing and Crafts with Kids

1. Scrap Fabric and Clay Pot Nativity Scene

*My little boy came home with this from school yesterday and he couldn't wait to show us our gift! This project is so simple and only took a few items: 3 miniature clay pots, 3 wooden balls, scraps of fabric, a marker, hot glue, ric-rac and some raffia for the hay. Simply glue on the fabric, add the faces, some hay and a halo and you've made a Christmas Nativity.
2. Make a Stuffed Animal or Figure from your child's drawing
*This activity and tutorial can be found HERE on Martha Stewart and would be an instant hit with the kiddos in my house. Just think of all the animals that children could come up with - even if they combine two of their favorite animals to make up the silliest animal they can imagine.
*My son wanted to make something with me the other night and this is what we did! He drew his design - A Superhero Sailboat - then picked out his fabric. I cut out the shapes, pinned the design and let him push the foot pedal the entire time (but his hands were not near the machine). He loved it and the pictures below prove it with that big old smile!
Photo from Martha

3.  Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow - get the HOW-TO HERE.
*Some of you may have children losing teeth already - we aren't there yet in this household, but we will be in the next year or two. This Monster Tooth Pillow is such a fun idea from The Long Thread blog! The mouth of the monster is a pocket to hold money that the Tooth Fairy leaves and is a safe place to put that tooth all night. Boys would love a monster like this and girls could change it up by making their monster a prettier monster - pink, glitter, ric rac, pom pom teeth, ribbon hair...etc.
 Photo and tutorial found HERE
4. Sew Finger Puppets
*Bedtime stories are a huge hit in our house and right now we love The Gingerbread Man. This finger pupper sewing craft would be a fun activity to create characters from a favorite story in your house so the kids could play along as each character in the book.
*The TUTORIAL FOUND HERE from Obsessively Stitching blog will show you how to create finger puppets for The Three Little Pigs (and even that wolf who huffs and puffs).
5. Sock Puppets
*I found this TUTORIAL HERE on the blog Six Sisters Stuff and wow this brings back memories of playing with Kermit the frot puppets! Who remembers that? If this sock monster project doesn't get your kiddos laughing, I'm not sure what will! I can just see my little ones running around after each other trying to make their puppets talk to one another. I must make this!!
I hope you enjoyed this list of a few crafts that you might love to make with your kids over the holidays (or anytime). If you have a favorite kid's craft tutorial SHARE IT in the COMMENTS below!
Happy Sewing and Crafting!

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