Monday, January 17, 2011

TUTORIAL - pants with elastic waist

12 Steps to Toddler Pants
1. Gather Materials
-half yard of your material (I used blue curduroy)
-straight edge
-marking pen or sharpie
-elastic (I needed 18 inches to make a size 18month pants)
-thread to match
-pair of pants that fit to use as a pattern
2. Fold material in half, place pant leg on the folded edge and trace. Add 2 INCHES along the top (to make room for your elastic casing) and leave 1/2 inch all around for seam allowance.
3. Pin material and cut along your drawn lines. (this makes the front of the pants).
Repeat to make the back of the pants.
4. Open up both pieces and lay right sides together. Pin together at the curved edges only. 5. Sew along the curved edges using a straight stitch. Unpin and then clip threads. 6. Open the fabric and lay sewn edges touching (one in front and one in back)...starting to look like pants now. Yay! Pin the length of the legs together as shown. 7. Sew along the pins using a straight stitch. Pivot as you go around the crotch area.
Unpin and trim threads. 8. Make notches in the crotch area so it will turn easier, have less bulk and lay more flat.

9. Lay the pants you are using as your pattern on top of the pants you are making to see how much you should fold down the waist. (I had 2 inches) Fold down the top 1 inch all the way around and iron. Then fold it down again another inch, iron and pin all the way around. (This is for your elastic casing)
10. Sew all the way around the casing but leave a 3 inch or so gap. Clip threads.

11. Use a safety pin to insert your elastic through the casing. Sew elastic ends together. Pin and sew the gap closed. Clip threads.
12. Hem the legs of the pants and you're done!

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