Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Pictures - Seamingly Smitten

Christmas 2012
Here are some of my most favorite photos from Christmas this year. Of course it is the hardest to get a family picture where everyone is looking, smiling and that isn't blurry, right? But most importantly, we created so many memories with our family - we baked a gingerbread house from scratch, went to the annual Christmas Eve neighborhood parade at my in-laws house, loved the look on my son's face when he got his pretend bow and arrow set (he had been waiting for it since July!), watched the kids play dress up in their police officer costumes, paint with their art sets and just spent so much time together as a family. It was my own slice of Heaven for a few days and I will always remember it.
Above: John Patrick, Patrick, me and Catherine
Above: Christmas Eve parade picture

 Above: Christmas morning hugs (still in pajamas, too)!
 Above: Christmas Eve picture with my grandparents (This is my grandmother that taught me to sew.)

Above: My sister, Laurie, myself and my mom, Claire


Above: Silly cousins on Christmas Eve

Above: Catherine got into her older cousins make-up set before she did!

Above: John Patrick FINALLY got his bow and arrow set! He has waited patiently for it since July! We were so proud of him for being as patient as he was for so long! Last week was the first time he said, "I'm tired of waiting. Can we just go to the store and buy it?" We of course said no and didn't give in because Santa knew it was on his list. :)

Above: Ready to play

Above: Catherine asked for a couch for her and a couch for her baby doll. Little chairs were just the thing! She even got Merida from the movie Brave because Catherine loved her curly hair, her independence and her courage. Her favorite part of the movie is when she says she wants one day with, "no rules, no expectations and no being a princess." That's my Catherine. :)
 Above: John Patrick and my mom
Above: My sister, Laurie, and her husband Matt - It was their first time hosting Christmas and it was wonderful!
After all the time off from work and time with the family it was so wonderful just being together. I have to admit I am ready to sew, ready to create more patterns and ready to be inspired by what you create with them!
Merry Christmas!

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