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Fall Fashion TUTORIAL: Legwarmers

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Before I introduce my guest poster, Agnes, today, let's start with some inspiration photos to get you ready for FALL LEGWARMERS.
Will you try this fashion forward look this season?
Today I have a guest poster today, Agnes, of The Blog - Empress of Drac. She is going to show you how to make the HOTTEST accessory for fall - LEGWARMERS! Sure, it is a throwback to the 80's but they are all over magazine pages right now and something this hot is sure to keep you warm all season long! You can make them SOOOO easily...take it away, Agnes!

Easy Leg Warmer Sewing Tutorial

Sewing projects do not have to be complicated and difficult. There are plenty of simple ways to make some truly unique and creative accessories for fall. Within a couple of hours you can have something new to wear and show off! A great project for the fall is to make leg warmers from old sweaters. 
Look through your closet and see if there are any old sweaters lying around. Pick ones that have holes, no longer fit, or that you simply never wear. If you cannot find any, take a trip to the thrift store. Select some cheap sweaters and throw them in the wash as soon as you get home. Once you have your perfect sweater, it is time to sew!
The great thing about using a sweater is that most of the work is already done for you. If possible, use the sleeves to make the leg warmers. Simply cut the sleeves off up by the shoulder seam. If the sweater is too small, or if you do not like the fabric of the sleeves, you can use any other part of the sweater. Measure the desired length and cut through the front or back of the fabric.
If you have used the sleeves, your work is already almost done. All you need to do is turn in the raw edges. This will give you a nice clean edge as well as prevent the edges from fraying. Turn the sleeve inside out. Next, turn the raw edge of the fabric in by 1/4 of an inch. Sew the fabric in place, making small and even stitches.

Using a different section other than the sleeves is not a big deal. In addition to sewing the edges, you just need to sew up the sides. This will take extra time to do by hand, so you might want to use a sewing machine. Follow the same steps once you have the sides sewn together. 

You can add buttons, lace, patches, and other accessories as you please. The great thing about making things yourself is that you have creative freedom to really make things unique. Check out other patterns and get some ideas at the quilt pattern shoppe.

Thank you SO MUCH AGNES! I might have to make some for my little girl and maybe even try to make some for myself. I know I have some sweaters laying around in my closet that are ready for me to cut into!
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