Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pilowcase Dress sewing pattern

It's been quite a whirlind over here (in a good way!) and a pattern tester just pointed out that I hadn't posted the pattern testers' pictures of their pillowcase dresses. I definitely wanted to share their photos with you so you could see what sweet pillowcase dresses they whipped up with their sewing machines! The Classic Pillowcase Dress pattern is the perfect beginner sewing project for any mom, grandma, aunt, godmother...etc that wants to sew a dress for a sweet girl that she knows! It features ribbon ties, a slight A-Line shape and is the perfect blank canvas for a monogram or applique if you want to jazz it up. There's no stopping you once you sew a pillowcase dress! You will be hooked on sewing clothes for your little one and might even try sewing something for yourself!

 Pattern testers and reviews:

"This is very well written and very easy to understand.  It is definitely suitable for someone new to sewing – even as a first project, I would think!  I absolutely love how step 20 tells you to set your sewing machine back to normal stitch.  I seriously need these in all my instructions because I *always* forget! LOL!  The dress has a really nice clean look to it.  Simple to sew."
 Teresa P. from says:

"The pattern was very easy to follow and make. Thank you!"

"I am in love with this dress! The pillow case style is very trendy and popular, and I was pleasantly surprised at how simple and easy to follow this pattern was. My little girlie I'm giving this to is going to be just as smitten as I am with it!"

Jamie Rose from says:

"First off, I really am a beginner sewer. I have made small items before (coffee cozies, heating pads, etc.), but this is my first attempt at making an item of clothing. Your pattern was very easy for me to follow, and unlike in the past, I wasn't intimidated by it at all. I was thrilled with how my two dresses turned out!!"

"The pattern was great, process simple and I made a cute little dress:-)"

Thanks, McKenna, for reminding me and thank you to all the ladies that tested
this sewing pattern for me! Pattern shop is HERE.
Happy Sewing!
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