Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photo Shoot and Bubble Halter Top

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and Spring Break! Maridith, from the blog Strictly Homemade, sent over this sweet picture of her baby girl. Maridith made her Easter outfit using our Seamingly Smitten Ruffles Galore Pinafore and Ruffles Galore Pants sewing patterns. Add an adorable monogram to it and voila - one super special Easter outfit for a super special little baby!

Get the pattern HERE.

Another blog reader, Amy, who is also from Louisiana, wrote to me saying she sewed her grandaughter a Bubble Halter Top! I LOVE IT, Amy! You can read about it on her blog, Not Always With Thread, by CLICKING HERE. Don't these fun and fresh fabric colors just make you want to drive to the fabric store right now!?! Or is that just me? :)
Get the Bubble Halter Top tutorial HERE.

Then we had a Seamingly Smitten photo shoot to debut our NEWEST sewing pattern, The Classic Pillowcase Dress. This Pillowcase Dress sewing pattern has to be one of the easiest sewing patterns we have made over here at Seamingly Smitten. If you are a beginner sewer and want to take that first step into the world of clothing sewing, you've GOT to try this pattern! You will be able to sew it in one sitting and you WILL BE HOOKED! Can you imagine? Sitting down for less than one hour and creating this boutique looking dress for your daughter, grandaughter, godchild, niece...or any girl in your life for that matter! Make one and pass it on to a neighbor's daughter if you like. Put simply, you will LOVE sewing The Classic Pillowcase Dress pattern.
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   The Classic Pillowcase Dress sewing pattern

Your little one will be THIS HAPPY, too, when she wears the dress that YOU made her!
~Keep sending those customer creations and I will feature YOU! Happy Sewing!
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