Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer Beach Hat and Shorts for Boys

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 We are heading to the beach this weekend and it was a great excuse to get some sewing done! My son, John Patrick, had picked out this pirate fabric a few months ago and I had never gotten around to sewing with it. Well, now was my chance! Last night we put the kids to bed and I started sewing John Patrick's pirate hat. He was SO EXCITED I was making him one that he kept his door open and stayed awake until it was ready! Each time my sewing machine would stop he would yell, "Mommy, are you done?" I would say, "I will surprise you when it's ready." After this exchange several times there was one burning question he simply had to ask. He wondered, "Are you going to say BOO when I see it?" Poor sweet buddy thought I was going to really surprise him with it! I think that's maybe what kept him awake :)  Needless to say, he LOVED his pirate hat and slept with it next to him in his bed! That is a sweet reward at the end of a sewing project!
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Today during naps he asked if I could make him some pirate shorts to match his hat. Well, anything my little boy wants me to make him, he will get (as long as I can do it!) because there just isn't that much for me to make him anymore that he will wear. He sees me sew dresses all the time for my little girl, so he was excited to have his own project that mommy made!

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Have a Happy Easter everyone!
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