Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whipped in Atlanta!

Want to be whipped? Then read on!
This past weekend I visited one of my favorite sewing boutiques Whipstitch Fabrics (CLICK HERE)
I've only been there once before and I can tell you, this time I was even more impressed. Their fabric selection is growing! They even have laminate fabrics which I'm interested in learning more about.

See below for pictures of the store...

This is what ended up in my shopping bag:

Hoot Fabric - How cute is that?

Leaves in Bloom - LOVING fall colors!

Stonecrop in Bloom - Wait til you see the A-line dress I already made with this. LOVE!

Seedpod in Bloom - cool and modern

Dahlia in Mist - just a cheerful blend of colors I had to have

Want to see the store?

Fabric in embroidery hoops - awesome artwork and neat way to display new fabrics.
Good idea for a sewing room, too!

Vintage Singer

Are you still looking? I couldn't take my eyes off all this Christmas fabric either!

The laminates

 Such soft fabric. I touched it twice!

I wish we had a sewing boutique like this in our city. They offer classes, camps for kids, online sewing courses and of course fabric that is to die for! They are having a coupon code for their online courses - check their blog for details.

 Check out these links:

I'd love to know:

Do you have a sewing boutique where you live?
Send a link if you do. I'd love to see it!
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