Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Lady Cakes

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Catherine,

You are my sweet Lady Cakes.

I love your little voice.
I love your curls that can barely hold a bow.
I love how fast your little legs run when you are playing chase.
I love how you hold your Daddy's hand at dinner time.
I love when I go in your room in the morning and you say, "I had a good nap."
I love when you steal my lipgloss and have it all over your face and on your chin.
I love how much you love tutus.
I love how you think pink cowgirl boots go with everything.
I love how you run and hide when it's time to go to bed.
I love how fast you can pedal your bike.
I love when you want to have tea parties.

You are my Lady Cakes.
I am forever grateful for you, my Catherine!
I love you always, as always.

 I love how you never give up.

 I love this smiling face!
I love how much you love John Patrick.
You are growing up, my baby girl, and I will always love you!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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