Monday, November 21, 2011

My little Tom Tom

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear John Patrick,

You melt my heart.

I love when you wake me up in the morning and want to cuddle on the couch.
I love how proud you are of yourself everytime you get yourself dressed.
I love how you LOVE your cowboy boots and wear them almost everyday.
I love how you tell your Daddy you are getting big just like him.
I love your giggle when you're being tickled.
I love how you like to help Daddy doing "hard work" in the garden.
I love how you want to kiss your little sister, Catherine, goodnight every night.

I love that you want 3 kisses before you go to bed.
I love when you quote the movie, Robinhood, and say, "I love your more than life itself."

I love you always, as always.
Love, Mom

 I love watching you grow up and be a good friend and brother.
 This Thanksgiving, I am incredibly grateful for you, my sweet man!
Happy Thanksgiving!
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