Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TUTORIAL: Fleece Hat Feature

Today I wanted to show off something that Jamie did. She recently sewed up one of our patterns, The Ruffled Collared Cape, and made another accessory - perfect for Fall and Winter - to coordinate...

She made an EASY Fleece Hat sewing TUTORIAL!
Wait til you see how quickly you can make one! AND how beautiful her daughter is in it!!

Jamie blogs over here: 

And while you're there checking out her Fleece Hat Tutorial check out her fantastic meal menus!
Some of those dinners make my mouth water :) 
Check out her blog and thank her for the tutorial! Tell her Seamingly Smitten sent you!
How gorgeous is her daughter?! So precious!

I think all little girls need this matching set made just in time for Christmas! I'm definitely making my little girl, Catherine and my niece, Taylor a set!

 Want the pattern for The Ruffled Collared Cape?
Get it here:
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