Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tea for Two - Rose Pillows

The Thank You Pillows

My friend Rebecca (CLICK HERE to see her blog) just started sewing a few weeks, but if you saw her blog you would think she's been sewing for years. She has already made curtains, clothes for her children, a Halloween costumes (the lion tamer), recovered chairs, made pillows, monogrammed anything in sight (napkins, table runners, dresses, ornaments) that she is complete inspiration to me!
*Pillow Tutorial coming soon...

 She made these in 2 days!
Sock Monkey Pajamas! HOW CUTE!?!

To know someone with that much talent never gets old! She's always surprsing me with her new ideas. And to top off that talent, I call her, "The most Southern person I know." She's from Birmingham, has a love for pearls, hosts great parties, cooks amazingly and her house is always immaculate!

Well if that isn't enough, she's super sweet! My fabric bins in my sewing room were overflowing with fabric. I had leftover fabric from projects that wasn't enough to make a skirt for my little girl but too much to throw away. Well last week I cleared out the bins and purged so much fabric that it felt great! Well since Rebecca loves sewing and appliqueing I gave it all to her. She thought it was like Christmas came early! And as a Thank You she made my sweet Catherine two rose pillows using this gorgeous rose fabric. Aren't they beautiful?
They sit on the chairs by Catherine's table in her room where we have tea parties. Ladies have to be comfortable when we sit and play!

 Isn't Rebecca the best? How great of a Thank You is that!?!
And now Catherine's room looks even sweeter.

Time to play!
As Catherine says, "Thanks Miss Becca!"

Pillow Tutorial coming soon...
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