Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bow Holder

My little girl, Catherine, is finally 2 and some of that blond, curly hair is starting to come in!
How excited am I?!?

Well she had been given so many bows from her cousins that they had outgrown and some new bows before she went to Disney, that her diaper basket was overflowing. I knew it was the perfect time to CRAFT something...and off to the store I went.

I picked up a wooden letter (turquoise glitter and all) "C", one spool of striped 2" wide ribbon and turned it into this:

It was so super easy! All it took was cutting 2 strips of ribbon the same length to hold the bows and a dab of hot glue on each strip to attach it to the "C". Then I cut 1 strip for the "loop" to hang over the nail and another longer strip to make a bow.

Next time I will try the ribbon with the wire in it so it will hold the shape of the bow a bit better.

I loved the turquoise C because the color really popped in the rest of her room's decor. This is a painting from Z Gallerie that hangs above her crib. LOVE!

This is a decoupaged mirror from a store in town, The Royal Standard. Modern, yet it has so many baby colors in it...a great combination! If you look closely you can see a hot air balloon that hangs in the corner of her ceiling.


My friend, Brynn, decoupaged this hot air balloon for Catherine when she was born and I love it's handmade and personal touch.

Now when Catherine wakes up and I walk in there in the morning, she shouts, "Look, it's a "C" for me!" And I let her choose what color bow she wants to wear each day before I pick out the coordinating outfit. Before I would pick out the outfit and she would throw a fit if she wanted to wear a bow and I said, "Let's pick another one that matches." Now I let her guide those decisions (and nix the tantrums) and feel a little more independent and of course SUPER CUTE and PRECIOUS!
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