Monday, October 10, 2011

Boo! Ghost shirt and skirt

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

(Keep reading for more inspiring links and a NO-SEW project!)
My little girl, Catherine, needed a little outfit to wear to school and of course I wanted an excuse to head to the fabric store!
Since Halloween is coming I wanted it to be an outfit she could wear all month long, but not be anything scary. She is only 2, you know and monsters and goblins aren't her thing.

I came up with this...
It's a HAPPY GHOST shirt
and polk-a-dotted, ribbon trimmed skirt!

She loved looking down at it while I was trying to photograph the shirt, so there aren't any cute pictures with a smile!

And my mom just got her these shoes called Twinkle Toes by Skechers...have you heard of them? Wildly colorful but precious! I don't think her teacher would let her wear them because the lights are very distracting, but walking around at home turns into one fancy firework show of bursting colors!
She calls them her...
Sprinkle Toes!

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