Thursday, August 18, 2011

Captain Hook costume from curtains

A little treasure and adventure today...
(Does anyone else like Jake and the Neverland Pirates?)

My little boy, John Patrick, LOVES getting into a costume. He has so many hats that he has his own hat box in his room. Whether it's a cowboy hat, a bandana and boots, Woody pajamas at night, a Peter Pan hat and a green shirt, a fireman hat and fireman boots...he's always pretending to be someone. 
We just started reading the book Peter Pan to him at night and he wishes he could have his own pirate ship like Captain Hook. When we play pirates I have to be Smee and he makes me sweep his ship. :) 

He loves Captain Hook so much that I thought he needed a Captain Hook costume to go with his pirate hat. My sister gave me some old curtains that were in her house (solid red one in the laundry room) and I knew they would get put to use one day. Now was their chance! 

Here are some of the steps: 

1. Get some material (or old curtains)
2. Cut out a pair of pants, a shirt front and back and 2 sleeves.

3. Put the shirt front and back right sides together, pin at the shoulders and sew the shoulder seams.

4. Lay open the shirt (right sides up), lay your sleeves right sides down along the armhole curve, pin and sew.

5. Lay your shirt right sides together and sew from the bottom (wrist of the sleeve) up to the underarm area, and all the way down to the bottom of the shirt. 

6. Hem the sleeves.

7. Hem the bottom of the shirt and the neckline.
8. Embellish with fabric of your choice.
Try making one for your little Captain! I'm off to sweep the deck!
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