Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boy's Pajama Pants - Green Lantern fabric

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Pajama Pants for John Patrick

The other day I happened to be at Walmart doing some grocery shopping and ended up walking by their fabric aisle. Of course, a sewer cannot simply walk right by that aisle, there usually is some browsing involved and maybe some purchasing of some notions or fabric. Well, right as I thought I was going to walk away with just one piece of fabric, something for my little boy, John Patrick, caught my eye. It was Green Lantern fabric. Now, I don't know Green Lantern nor has John Patrick even watched a Green Lantern movie, but he went to a birthday party last weekend that had that theme and it's his new hero. I knew that my little boy would give me the biggest hug ever if I made him something with this fabric, so I bought a yard and went home to wash it and start sewing. (It's 100% cotton, lightweight, no stretch.)

Since the fall my son has grown 3 inches - needless to say it was definitely time for some new pajama pants! I sewed them while he napped and left them by his door to surprise him when he woke. He was sooo excited that he ran out and wrapped his arms around me and gave me the biggest hug and plenty of kisses on my cheek! 20 minutes of sewing yesterday afternoon was SOOOO worth it!

Here are some pictures - and if you notice, he's totally crazy about his Woody doll, which just so happened to be in every picture. My boy has lots of heroes I might add. :)

He even hangs their hats together at night. Best buds. Seems like I need to find some cute Woody material for my little man! Back to the fabric store soon - just what I love!
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