Friday, February 24, 2012

Women's Ruffled Tunic sewing pattern

Sewing - All in a Day's Work!

I have a customer creation I would love to show you! Louisa bought The Women's Ruffled Tunic sewing pattern yesterday and a few minutes ago she sent me pictures of it!

Louisa wrote, "This was a superbly easy pattern and I whipped this tunic up this morning from the pattern I got from you yesterday. Awesome! Easy goodness!...Now I'm going to lengthen the pattern and make some beach dresses/pullovers and maybe even another top with a ruffle bottom. Your pattern got my mind a little creative again...thanks!"

Louisa, this made my day!! I LOVE sewing and I LOVE helping women make things for themselves that they can actually wear!

Creativity knows no bounds!

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