Sunday, March 20, 2011

Women's Ruffled Halter Sundress (sewing for myself!)

My Own Halter Sundress
So this weekend my husband watched the kids for a few hours so I could have some alone time...some "me" time...some time to relax and be creative. That really refreshes me! Does anyone else feel that way? Since the weather is getting really warm down here in the South I decided I needed a new dress. I made a halter sundress with a ruched empire waist and a ruffled border. It was a little too "bunchy" and big in the chest area at first so I altered it some and now it fits perfectly! Thank goodness I had my dress form, Jeanette, to use. She looked cute in it, too. I think I'm going to wear this one A LOT! I'm thinking of using different material and making a swimsuit cover-up next. Oh I love Spring and Summer!
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