Saturday, March 5, 2011

Girl's Ruffled Tote Bag with Pocket

Girl's Ruffled Tote Bag with Pocket
My little girl is starting to LOVE her baby dolls. Simply LOVE them! As soon as I get her out of bed in the morning she says, "Baby! Baby!" and I have to grab her baby doll out her bed so she can hold it while I get her dressed.
She's also starting to realize that picking up a purse means we are leaving the house, so she has started picking up bags (gym bags, shopping bags, backpacks), tossing them on her arm and saying, "Bye!" and heading to the back door.
I thought it would be fun to let her have her own tote bag to help her play mommy to her baby dolls and feel all grown-up like she has her own purse.
So here is the...
Ruffled Tote Bag with Pocket (for her pretend princess cell phone of course)

I think she likes it!
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