Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dress with Sleeves and Smocked Waist

One of my dearest friends, Allison, saw my dress with a pleated neckline and smocked waist and wanted one for herself. I was soooo flattered! We came up with the best deal! If she cooks us dinner one night I will make her a dress...even trade in my opinion. Well last night she showed up with sausage and chicken jambalaya, French bread, roasted asparagus and chocolate chip cookies! YUM! I couldn't let her down!

She picked out the fabric herself, a navy matte jersey, and gave me a t-shirt of hers to use as a pattern. I made a wide neckline, pleated it and sewed it up the sides...only to realize the sleeves came out too tight...just like t-shirt sleeves should be, not like this dress should be. And the food was on it's way....she knew it wouldn't be ready for her but I started thinking "WHAT IF IT DOESN'T WORK...EVER??" hahaaa...where's the positive thinking?? I know! :) ! I told her to keep the food until next week! She brought it over anyway because it was already cooked... I woke up early today and added large, flowy sleeves, smocked the waistline and zig-zagged the edges to give it a ruffled look and here it is... I LOVE IT!!! And she looks AMAZING in it!!
And next week I'm making her a shirred summer dress in black matte jersey....which means another night of her yummy food and another night of me not having to cook! :)
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