Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Girl's Ruffled Swing Top

I love looking through kids' clothing magazines and trying to make something I see. When I saw the ruffled top that ties in the back with a big sash I thought it'd be fun to try to make for Catherine with some initialed bloomers.

I traced one of her onesies to get the right neckline and armhole onto the fabric and some white fabric for lining and made the front and back the same shape. Then I cut a big swoop down the back on each side to make it look like what I wanted. Sewed each piece, flipped them inside out, sewed them together and sewed a ruffle along the edge. Then I made a sash to hold onto 2 fabric loops (one on each side of the back where the edges meet)...put the sash through each loop and made a big bow.
Here it is, along with 2 close-ups of the back. It opens (almost like a backwards vest) and has a sash that holds it all together. The colors are a bit wild and outrageous but it makes me smile even more when I look at her and see her sweet and precious face!

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